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How to adjust female head to male body


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Hello everyone!


As I am a noob in games, as I am frequently and currently suffering from CTD and lots of other technical issues, and kinda powerless to solve them, I decided to go further and create a custom character/follower. Not a big deal. I've done well with that. And what about applying female head to male body? Here is the point I've got myself totally stuck. I know most of modders have such a skill. I know there is a ~ command "sexchange". The latter is not the option, as it gives my custom character a horribly big neck seam/gap. I allways fail in my attempts to import female head appropriately when working with male character in RM. So I can not use sculptor to make that neck wider.


Well, first thing I'd like to know is what tools should I have in my hands to achieve my goal? CK, Blender, NifSkope, what else?

Second is can I merely apply male eyes, male hair, and maybe male mouth to female head in RaceMenu?


Thanks in advance.

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