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Female Abs?


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Texture Blend your MSN (Normal Map) to match what you desire in game.



That is the Fitness Body Mod, all it does is use the Texture Blend tool to create a custom Normal Map.


Instructions from that mod on how to use the program (it runs outside of the game not from within).



How to blend:

Now navigate to your "Skyrim/Data/CalienteTools/Fitness Blender" folder
and double click "TexBlend.exe".

1) At "Set:" select "Body and Feet".
2) At "Type:" select "Normal".
3) Select what you want to blend from the middle list.

Make sure you stick to the priority list. But if you don't want Body Muscles for example simply skip to Priority 2.

4) Click on "Preview".
5) Click on "Blend Images".
6) Hit "OK" when completed.

Repeat step 2 to 6 for any other options you want to blend.

You NEED to reselect "Normal" (step 2) as well as click on "Preview" every time you blend a new option, if you don't do this Texture Blender wont reset what has been used last time. And you end up double blending everything.

(You can double click any of the options to see a preview in the middle window. Double click that window to enlarge it)


Also note: you will need to use the version for the body/texture type you use in game.

IE if you textblend the unp uv map while using cbbe... it will not look correct in game (as in the bumps for the nipples will not match the texture and mesh location).


So download the correct one for your body type: IE CBBE or UNP (maybe 7base if you have issues with under breast shadows). And start with a smooth normal map (one without muscle definition as you don't want muscle definition), then apply the steps you want to get it to where you want it.

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