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  1. I am also having this issue. I get no dialogue from the bear.
  2. Having issues with the Udefryke troll. It is not getting an erection. I suspect this is because it is classified as female in sexlab, and I have sexlab treating all creatures as males. Creature Framework is just ignoring adding mods to it. Is there a way around this?
  3. Another issue I found. This mods breaks dialogues with Belethor, the innkeeper in Whiterun, and the alchemist, even if you do not use its start. New characters with this mod active could not rent a room or buy items from the majority of the npcs in Whiterun. The innkeeper will not have the dialogue option to rent a room Belethor will not have the dialogue option to buy items The alchemist will not have the dialogue option to buy items Removing the mod did not fix my my in-progress game. I had to uninstall this mod and start a new game for them to work again
  4. Came across two issues. - When taken to the basement and enslaved. The room is empty and Father is not there, but upstairs. - After enslavement randomly Mother or Father will leave the house and I think despawn? Question, father dialogue says visitors are coming that night. Is that just dialogue or do events like that actually happen?
  5. Just wondering how the adult mod scene for FO4 compares to Skyrim currently? They seem to have some things but are not fully robust yet to the quantity of Skyrim. Just wondering what others opinions.
  6. Thanks for digging into this. I contacted the individual and they said: "My issue was caused by adding companion mods to my load order. The problem was that the companion packs did not tag the companions appropriately causing SL survival to duplicate them multiple times." Still trying to find out which companion mod might be doing this, but for now Ive turned off all their esps. Do I need to start a new game for all the npcs to go back to their spots, or should they eventually wander back? Still seems odd to me that this would could the SLSurvival npcs to go to the temple as
  7. So ill have to do some digging, maybe contact this person to see what mods we share because this is exactly what is happening to me (though not affecting toll guards) I do not have populated towns, and I did not get populated roads until just yesterday so it must be a different mod.
  8. I actually gave up and just installed sam. Im done with sos
  9. Weird issue for me, but all the license npcs and the kennel keeper do not show up for me. At one point I found one of the license npcs and jumped to him, and him and a bunch of others were in this temple with a bunch of cow npcs. I have milk mod installed and im wondering if something with that is conflicting? For the license npcs ive been able to get around this with spawnatme, for the kennel keeper that doesnt work well. I spawn him, have the dialogue but he doesnt do anything after the dialogue ends. Clothing is not taken, key is not given, door is not unlocked.
  10. I am randomly getting Zap animations playing instead of actual tagged animations. Sometimes the correct tagged animations play sometimes they dont. For example being strapped to the XCross, out of 5 events, one was an actual XCross event (which choices to chane to other xcross animations) the other 4 were a mix of ZapMissionary and Zapskullfuck and were the only animations available in the set. I cant figure out how to prevent these from occuring when I have everything set to zero except tag animations.
  11. Having a black screen issue in Sanguines Grove Been enslaved, been to Sanguines Grove once already. Im running around doing stuff, and then I suddenly get teleported to Sanguines Grove. Each time this random teleportation happens Im stuck with a black screen. I can move, I can hear the chains moving, I can open my inventory and see all the devices equipped, I can hear Sanguine saying thing, but everyting is black, I cant even see my character (like a permanent blindfold but im not wearing one) Everytime this happens I have to reload the game to before this happened. S
  12. And solved using console command: player.tai
  13. Tried to make some changes to my mods with no real luck. I removed a ton of mods but the only difference i noticed was removed defeat/da/SD made it so I no longer get stuck from the landing animation, however mining, sitting, or using any tools that make the character animate still do not work. I removed all my custom animation mods with no luck. Im stumped on this one. This doesnt happen with a new game 😕
  14. Ive had so many issues with this mod that I finally decided to remove it until a day comes where/if the bugs get fixed. Friendly factions that are spawned by this do not work as they are friendly and do not attack/kidnap (Hunters, Farmers, etc.) Getting kidnapped by Giants (at least near Riften) ports you and the Giants to an Orc stronghold where they (and you) get killed Getting kidnapped by Trolls put me with 2 trolls, 2 females, and a male. The male and female had their way, while the trolls watched. The females then ran away all the way across the map. One of the
  15. Not sure what happened but anytime my character jumps or lands from a fall I get frozen in place. Only way I can fix is by hitting the Down and Up arrow (the crouch/kneel hotkeys from SD+ I think?) In addition anytime I attempt to sit or mine nothing happens, I hit E my character stutters slightly but then nothing happens. I am wondering what could be causing this issue? My load order
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