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(Idea/project) Dark bellow


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I got an idea for Falout 4 :

A "Things in the dark" like mod. With raiders, a laboratory, an ancient ruin deep under the surface linked to the laboratory, an sleeping great ancient.


Player with some raiders and slaves will need to bring back the great ancients...


What I wish to add :

- greant ancients creatures : Mirelurk, deathclaws, flyring bug, tranfering Chaurus to Fallout 4.

- raiders with nice outfits

- mutations (the deathclaw arm and leg mutation available here on LL is nice)

- a functional base for player and the cult.

- recruitement/enslavement/sacrifice/breeding


I'm open to every suggestion, so don't hesitate to post your remarks. And let me finish vanilla fallout 4 !



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That sounds like a pretty hot idea - it'd be neat if you had the options to try and be defiant or if the player can choose to submit to breeding, being a slave and all that. Maybe go some crazy way and have it be like an ancient breeding facility like the predators have in AvP? It would still allow it to be an ancient ruin, but it can also allow for some crazy and kinky contraptions.(this is the first time I am actually posting some form of contribution to a forum here, I have no clue if I am doing it right or nah, but you did say just throw out any suggestions there) 


Otherwise, sounds like a pretty interesting idea for a project!

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Why not instead of the cult all set up you and your companion get indocrinated and help set it up in a city or setlment. Instead of been captured and enslaved why not have one of the cult member a former archaeologist who came into contact with a old one while digging up a old lab set up a type of brothel which uses those pods from the memory den but instead of virutal sex they brainwash the victims to be more susceptible to the old ones control. So you could have it start with you and piper trying out the pods. The former archaeologist would suggest a new program she was working on the player and companion would use it and in the virtual world have sex with some of the minions of the old one adding a compulsion to come back and use it again after 4 days of using the machines you and your companion would be nearly indocrinated. The former archaeologist would then tell you that the creatures and the old one that they saw in the vitual world exist and would'nt it be more full to try it in the real world. She takes you to the old lab where you and your companion meet the real old one you agree to become breeders to help spread his brood the player, piper and the former archaeologist get impregnated. You all head back to the base and set up a lair where you will give birth to the brood. After that you will go out and bring more women back to be brainwashed by the pods and making the cult grow.

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Maybe instead of going the old get enslaved route, it could be sort of like one of those quarries and it starts like thicket excavations. You find an npc who found a book about a buried city or something and you help him clear the first area, you leave, he recruits mercs to continue the excavation. They reach a point where there is an obstacle only you can pass be it a boss that you fight/fuck/conversate or something else only you can pass. He could betray you at some point and thats how you get mutated or you could go around kidnapping npcs for experimentation.


Just some ideas to keep things fresh, as interesting as TID was for not being just another slavery>rape cycle you wouldn't want to make the same mod twice. 

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Dunwich Borers would probably be perfect for this. Deep down in the underground caves where Kremvh's Tooth is located. Its one of the

last arcane items in the Fallout lore. Its a sacrificial knife (in the worship of Ug-Qualtoth) so it ties in really well with what you're describing.

Since its underwater and you have to dive down to fetch it maybe when you come back up you find yourself surrounded and that could be

when your quest begins and the PC is captured and enslaved. Could be led even deeper into an actual temple that has been renovated

with current tech. They are trying to revive the old ones through sacrifice, breeding and worship. I'd really like to see the creatures from

Far Harbor made use in this, especially the Gulper, which could probably be used in some sort of vore capacity. I'm not much of a modder

but I did some voicework and wrote a lot of lines for Sexlab Sex Slaves in Skyrim. So if you need any help hit me up. Good luck and can't 

wait to see what inventive things you come up with. :D

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I officialy beginned the project.


For now, I only have the queen, and some ancients creatures (mirelurks, as lurkers, workers, and larvae).


Shub Tegoth is the great ancient (a 2* mirelurk queen, I hope to find a nice texture for her).


I need to design few NPCs, and the laboratory : it will contains the creature chamber (the sicentists brought the creature into a lab), so player will need to work with the raider girl to reset the lab, and awake the creature...


If you have advices about the cell I can use for design the laboratory, it will be nice ! (I planned greentech, but it's not convinient. Mass fussion is too high).

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For now, I get big problems with the scenario and the ressources...


- for now, I only have a location (a waterstation reworked in a luxurious military lab), a mirelurk queen, a naked girl (NPC are very hard to make in fallout 4 CK), and a faction... every time I tried to create an armor and equip the NPC with that, I get a CTD...


I plan a dunwitch like scenario for the beginning : player will meet a girl, who will finally drive the player to her "familly" (a band of mad/violent/sexy girls and women, some of them with mutations, and their god "father/mother").



What I need :

- meshes and textures for armors

- mutations

- an ancient (if female (mirelurk queen), player and girls will carry the eggs. If male, player and girls will directly breed with him). Female ancient means Mirelurk queen. Male ancient means a deathclaw. Ancient little creatures can be mirelurks, boatflies, giant mosquito, etc...

- Skyrim meshes and textures are compatible with Fallout 4 ? It can be good way to bring chaurus hunter as ancient flying creatures... and Eldhidhils freak armor for mutation...

- some "organic" armors/weapons...






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Finally, it works




How you made that ?




1, Import the vanilla Stingwing mesh to 3dsmax

2, Edit and Rig it then export to NIF

3, import it to Outfit Studio

4, Export the shape to FBX

5, Import the FBX

6, Export to NIF

7, Edit the shape's "BSLightingShaderProperty", just change its "name" to the vanilla BGSM

Now the mesh can work in the game, you can give it a esp and bs patch if you want

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After a little work on rigging problem, finally the mod was done


Since I use the Chinese version of FO4 I'm not sure everything will be right on FO4 with other language, please test it.


How to use it:


1st Build the mesh with bodyslide

2nd Craft the outfit on chem bench

3rd Put it on




Caliente for CBBE body

Cell for his bodyslide

Bethesda for the Stingwing resource


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After a little work on rigging problem, finally the mod was done


Since I use the Chinese version of FO4 I'm not sure everything will be right on FO4 with other language, please test it.


How to use it:


1st Build the mesh with bodyslide

2nd Craft the outfit on chem bench

3rd Put it on




Caliente for CBBE body

Cell for his bodyslide

Bethesda for the Stingwing resource


Nice !


How I will use that...

Nor for ancient creature, except if I can change the head for something more "ancient"... or for a player quest (need to extract eggs from a darillon...).



I'm still thinking about the scenario (it's the main condtionnal for the den, so...). I get an idea, mix between TID, FTD, and AFS... Tell me your opinion.


You begin the mod in diamond city, by hearing rumors about a mutated girl...


You find her, in fight against atom childs. After a chat, you follow her to her home (a pump station, connected by a sewer).


Here, you meet her friends, and the carcass of a "thing" (big fog crawler). They seems to worship the creature... and says it still alive, and change them.



You can let that crazy girls here and get caps for saving the girl (abort the mod), or accept their proposal to pass the night here, in the den... (you will acquire your first mutation : resistance against radiations).

They will propose you to join their cult... that's mean to awake the creature, but not only that... but, for that, you need to increase the number of ancients servants, and perform some sacrifices.


After some tasks, you will need to defend the cult by destroying his ennemies, and there will be a ceremony for awake the ancient. Player will become the high priestess, able to transmit the gift of mutation to people of commonwealth.



So, there are the quests planned :

- find eggs (they will be converted by the great ancient influence into hybrid ancient creatures, who will work and defend the den). For example, collect darillon eggs will allow to breed a "darillon like" ancient creature (called "horror")... but you will need to carry the egg. Idem for deathclaws eggs... but the pregnancy is deadly in that case... Creatures planned are : larvae (mirelurk younth), darillon (modified, I hope), mirelurk, fog crawler, mutant hound, angler). There is a texture file on Nexus for making them different than normal creatures.

- breed the horrors... and help the girls to give birth to the horrors...

- recruit more cultists... specific NPC and crazy raiders at the beginning, and the cult will expend by itself after.

- take care of the creaures larvae (i plan to use mirelurk larvae for that).

- capture people outside (atom followers, institute and steel brotherhood are ennemies of the cult, but you can also use raiders. They dont carre of railroad, and minutemen if they stay discreet). They will be used for give birth to bigger creatures, for sacrifices to feed the ancient, and some for design living weapons (I hope to import that : http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50746/?)and living armor.

- develop the den : secure the surface if the pump station (lead to build a settlement), expand the tunnels (fight ghouls, etc...).



With time and proximity with the ancients (or the creatures in her wonb !), player will acquire mutations : radiation resistance and immunity, adamantin skeleton, cannibalism, night vision, and body tranformation (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2985-deathclaw-for-cbbe-body-modders-resource/#, I suceed to make it as a naked skin, so it will allow clothes (there is a nice harness on nexus : http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9043/?).

Mutation will also concern other cult members, and companions (female, Currie as synth included) too lot exposed to the ancient influence. Mutations will be permanent, but can be hided by clothes.










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