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  1. She thought upgrading her armor from leather to daedric plate will protect her from enemy penetrating attacks.. She thought wrong..
  2. well my Gf knows about the "pervert" mods i have in skyrim but since i like it she says nothing..i know she would have prefered if i delete everything and make skyrim nice again with flowers and bright colors like her skyrim is...heheh but she knows it is not going to happen..i dont hide it and she dosent search the screenshots....i think.. ..any ways i agree with you your wife is wrong and unfortunatelly this is not how a realasion succeds... you dont have to be forced to do things you dont like...she should have respected your enjoyments and needs my friend
  3. thanks! its just my custm preset for cbbe body and regina outfit for cbbe
  4. your kindness my lord will be "deeply" apreciated!
  5. Guys (and Gals) When i try to post gifs i get error -200 ...what does this mean? are my gifts to big in size? i tried 6mb gif how to make them smaller? thanks!
  6. entering the dungeon stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 leaving the dungeon? bonus
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