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  1. were are those cum textures? meshes? from? thanks!
  2. yeah it turned out i was using an older version of matchmaking that could use up to total 3 actors only.. i have update with the newer one
  3. heh!! were is this troll replacement from??
  4. everything worked perfect up to the point i get the CTD i got a message that i can accept quests in the dark arena.. then i spoke tho the barman and if i choose to be a dancer i CTD after 3-5 secs while if i choose to be (the other thing) i dont get a CTD
  5. your animations are amazing!! i wanted to ask is there any animation with 3 rieklings and the player ? cause i get up to 2 rieklings and the player with matchmaker... is there any preview if yes?
  6. hey thanks for the quick reply! so i gave the dancer clothes with the console and i weared them...no ctd...but when i choose to work as a dancer...the npc says to me here take this and wear...but he is not giving me the item and game CTD here is my log! Papyrus.0.log
  7. hello there! i have a cdt when i click i want to work as a dancer... anyone info on this?
  8. nice!! can you tell me what female armor is this?? thanks!
  9. hey there. relaly nice! how to add those pat pat pat sounds btw?
  10. hey thanks.. so i tried it and was kinda buggy...seems both jiggle effects were on use at the same time on armors.. while the nude body was not affected at all.. but tyes thats closer to what i am looking for...bay i need to change more files
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