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  1. thanks! its just my custm preset for cbbe body and regina outfit for cbbe
  2. your kindness my lord will be "deeply" apreciated!
  3. Guys (and Gals) When i try to post gifs i get error -200 ...what does this mean? are my gifts to big in size? i tried 6mb gif how to make them smaller? thanks!
  4. entering the dungeon stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 leaving the dungeon? bonus
  5. not wearing body armor when adventuring helps the mana flow better also provides distraction on the male (and female?) enemies!
  6. yes brows!!! thank you very much! the face preset is yous?
  7. really nice face preset! btw were are the bows and make up from? thanks!
  8. bilyy's latest animations and bakka factory ABC mod
  9. strangely at that new seeker animations the tentacle objects are not appearing wh8ile the spell effect object on the floor is appearing...what i am doing wrong in the installation? what i am missing? ok i jsut notices i need bakkas ABC...gonna give it a try and brb
  10. hey thanks! here are some more screenshots for now.
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