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Player Skeleton Modification


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Is anyone familiar with a method of altering the player's skeleton in-game? I've seen it done in Curse of Hircine, but I don't understand how it's done. In this case, it would be to alter the skeleton of the Medusa and Tscaeci (sp) in my MonsterGirl mod so their tail functions, or the skeleton of the Spider Daedra race so their legs work. It works fine for an NPC because their skeleton can be changed easily.


Ideally I would like to find a way to run a script that would alter the skeleton of the PC on loading the save file if they're X race, and then facet of the script that would scan equipment being equipped so that if an item that fills the lower body/feet is equipped it would either not load the graphic for the item, replace the graphic with the race's necessary lower body part, or...I think I saw this in a FPV mod, not equip the item and then load the stats as an enchantment.


If anyone can offer any advice/point out if there's something super-obvious I'm missing...

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What do you want to add ?

Creatures bones to human skeleton...don't know if that's possible.

But you can add Bones from one human skeleton to another human skeleton. Or creatures to creatures skeleton.

My LAPF skeleton has two sets of penis bones because I use some futa clothes and mushroom dildos from very old Lovers Mods ( Lovers Doctor and Creatures extender )

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Pretty sure you are on the wrong track here.  I know of nothing that "alters" a skeleton mid game.  Swap out skeletons or change animations via bones, sure.

As to Curse of H, that is a skeletal swap I'm pretty sure.  Similar to blockhead swapping out meshes.


Of course.....I could be wrong.....it does happen.  :)

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So, for example, if I copied the animation files from the Spider Daedra's skeleton folder into the _Male > SpecialAnim folder, and gave them all the proper syntax for Blockhead to read and apply per race, that should in theory get at least the basics working? Thanks, my googlefu must be weak; I never found that when I was searching on skeletons!

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That function has nothing to do with Blockhead. Just change your skeleton to something else and your pc will play that creature's animations. It should be simple enough to write... in theory. In practice, you might need to do some additional dirty work. There may be missing animations for certain actions depending on which type of creature you're transforming into.

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