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Mods that do not excist (yet)

Guest Yourskyrim

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Guest Yourskyrim

So I was thinking last days about mods that does not excist yet. Maybe this will inspire some people to make them?


1. A half human, half spider.
You guys probably played Oblivion. There is one dremora out there that is a half human half spider.

To be fair, that is a pretty cool concept for a mod. Maybe a race? Or maybe a creature that you must fight within a cave?


2. Hydra's

Hydra's are monsters with multiple heads that grow again when cut off.

I think with the modern mod community this can be possible (well the multiple head thing, the growing is not)


3. Changing yourself into something (shapeshifting)

There are mods that makes you shapeshifting into animals (wrath of nature).
But I was looking for a mod that makes me shapeshifting into a attronach. Turns out that does not excist!


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Centaur Mounts (sort of). There's a barely functional centaur mount mod on the nexus that never went anywhere. But imagine having a companion that you talk to and give weapon/armor etc, but they also act as a mount.



another mod that should be made is a proper multi character mod. A mod that allows you to play as your main character and any of your followers. So you do the college questline on one character, and then the thieves guild on another in the same game. You can do this with Alternate Actors but it's still kind of buggy and doesn't seem like it's being further developed. A major problem is switching between characters with different races and genders.



One mod I've always wanted was a mod that lets have an NPC follower who always rides on a horse or a mount of some sort with the option of letting them fight or not fight. I've been trying to get a bodyguard play through where my character is a bodyguard and my follower is a prince/princess who is always on horse back and stays out of combat. You can make followers run away to safety during fights, but using either of the horse overhauls with a follower like this makes the game crash. A normal follower either gets off the horse or fights on the horse. But it seems like if you set them to stay on the horse and never fight during combat, the game freaks out. On the note of followers and horses, I don't know why a mod that lets you and an npc ride one horse together hasnt been released. maybe it's not possible. Bethsda should have made it possible in Oblivion and onwards.


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The Followers Live mod lets you (and your followers) transform into flame/frost/storm atronachs, among a number of other creatures, including: chaurus, chaurus flyer, deer, dog, dragon, dwarven centurion, dwarven spider, dwarven sphere, frostbite spider, gargoyle, giant, goat, hagraven, highland cow, horker, horse, ice wraith, mammoth, mudcrab, netch, rabbit, scrib, skeever, slaughterfish, snow bear, snow troll, snowy sabre cat, spriggan, werewolf, wisp, wolf, and I think a few others.

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dynamic facial expressions you can trigger yourself with a hotkey


why? id like to make happy face on my character when i find dank loot, angry face when i see imperials, etc

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A half human, half spider isn't really going to be something that a person can do easily. 1) A person would have to make a new models and meshes 2) A person would have to make a whole new skeleton from scrap then they would have to make animations to go with it. 

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I have been trying to put together with current mods a flubber girl. kinda looks like it, buggy though. would be cool if I can get someone to make bubbles appear inside the body so i can make my flubber girl look like she has liquid inside her :)

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followers use poisons, followers use greater powers (for example followers with the ability to cast mods made by  gorilla k i.e. maximum drive / tempest/ destruction/ powers of the dragoon etc.. etc.. basically any powers needed to activate by the RB button)

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