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  1. I was wondering, through a glitch at some point I have seen my character activate the flames whilst in an animation for what ever reason. Can this be turned into a mod? or is it already a mod per chance? Same deal with weapons....is it possible? can it be turned into a mod etc etc.
  2. lol thats what I was thinking th is mod was...but it isnt
  3. I am hoping that there is a mod that allows you to move the sliders past the normal limit. I know that you can highlight the number is bodyslide and chose the number you wish but I was hoping to change it within the game instead? So....anybody have an idea?
  4. Sorry guys, the mod is officially dead, it is sad news that I am requesting for this topic to be closed
  5. I am fairly confident that this mod is pretty much dead, I am going to get one last update from the wishnot4 and then request this to be closed. It was an awesome idea and I hope someone in the future picks it up and finishes because I think that it could have been the best mod ever released.
  6. ah OK thanks mate, I was hoping it might have been more HDT schlong for animals...to come perhaps?
  7. Sorry for being noobish, what does this mod do exactly? soz
  8. female version would be awesome too
  9. I know this mod exists either inside another mod or by itself. You can map a key for a menu that is basically showracemenu for NPCs. You place your cross-hair over which NPC you wish to adjust in showracemenu and hit the key. Any ideas?
  10. I have tried refreshing the character and it doesn't do anything (doesn't appear to)
  11. I have installed FF successfully and it is saving characters. But rather than keep the shape of my character(s) that I have created, the characters seem to be a really skinnier versions of themselves in the shrine of heroes and in game. The faces are fine though Any thoughts?
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