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Spells to change attire of NPCs


Copy player's current equipped armor/clothing to an NPC.
Store outfits as presets to later be used on NPCs.
NPCs can be set to automatically change their outfit periodically.
Custom body-types can be stored in outfits, as well.


How to Use


Mirror - Outfit player is wearing is copied (mirrored) to an NPC (model).
* Equip desired outfit clothing/armor on player
* Cast 'Set Outfit (Mirror)' on NPC or 'Set Outfit (Full)' then select Mirror from menu


Save - Outfits are saved into storage for future use.
* Equip desired outfit clothing/armor on player
* Cast 'Set Outfit (Save)'


Set - Equip NPCs (models) with saved outfits.
* Cast 'Set Outfit' on NPC or select Set from 'Set Outfit (Full)'
- OR -
* Cast 'Set Outfit (Full)' on NPC then select Outfit from menu.
* Cycle through outfits to choose particular outfit


The Spells
Set Outfit - equips NPC with a stored outfit
- NPC's current items are stored, outfit is added to inventory and equipped
- Each casting will remove current outfit and equip a new outfit, if multiple outfits in storage
- Option in ini to have outfits be chosen randomly or in the order saved


Set Outfit (Mirror) - current clothing/armor equipped on player is copied and equipped onto NPC
- This will also add the outfit to storage


Set Outfit (Save) - current clothing/armor equipped on player are saved as an outfit
- Default: Hair, UpperBody, LowerBody, Hand, Foot, Amulet equipment slots are saved.
- Player's items are not removed from inventory.


Set Outfit (Full) - cast on target and choose from the menu:
* Set - [same as 'Set Outfit' spell above]
* Mirror - [same as 'Set Outfit (Mirror)' spell above]
* Auto - [ON/OFF] model will automatically change outfit periodically
* Keep - new models won't have their existing items removed and saved in storage
- existing models will permanently keep current outfit in their inventory
* Release - existing model will be released from mod with its inventory as is
* Restore - existing model will have its outfit removed, original inventory restored, and released from mod
* Outfit - sub-menu of outfits currently stored. Cycle through using next/prev buttons.
- "Select" - Outfit will be equipped on target model
- "Remove" - Outfit will be removed from storage and from all models wearing it
* Options
- "Export" - Outfits currently stored will be exported to console.
- This can be used to later import outfits in the ini.
- "Reset All" - All outfits will be removed. All models original equipment restored.
- Recommended to execute this before uninstalling mod


Enable<spell_name>: Spells can be removed to de-clutter spell list and later added if needed
rotation: Recall stored outfits randomly or in the order saved
change_chance: Probability that a model set on "auto" will change outfits on a given day
skip_days: number of days "auto" model can skip in a row to avoid overt outfit changes (better immersion)
store_items: Enables items in models' inventories to be moved into storage before setting outfit.
force_tail: Force tail slot items to be equipped and (attempt to) not allow models to unequip them.
outfit_mask: Equipment slots (body locations) to include/exclude in an outfit
set_hiyoko: If enabled and "HiyokoClub.esm" is loaded, allows hiyoko to be set with an outfit at birth
hiyoko_chance: If 'set_hiyoko' enabled, chance that a newly born hiyoko's clothes will be set by this mod.




* Storing of Items
By default, when using Set or Mirror the first time on NPC, the items in its inventory will be
unequipped, stored, then removed from its inventory. This way the AI is unable to choose different
items to equip other than the selected outfit. However, only the base item is saved. The health status
of armor or other changes in attributes will not be saved and will not be recovered when restored.
This results in armor being "good as new" upon restoration. The storing of items can be disabled
in the ini file. Alternatively, the 'Keep' command in 'Set Outfit (Full)' effectively does the same.


* Set Body Support
Outfits can include a custom body-type to go with it. This is useful when playing with
clothing/armor mods designed for a different body-type than your default. In addition,
to equipping items on your character, cast 'Set Body Self' to change your body-type. Then cast
'Set Outfit (Save)' to save in storage or mirror it using the spell or menu command.


* TamagoClub/HiyokoClub Support
If model becomes pregnant, the spells will not work on her until after birth and postpartum recovery.
This prevents possible weirdness with body/equipment from TamagoSetBody. Use caution when doing a
complete removal of an outfit while a pregnant model is wearing it, especially if the outfit has
bodytype associated with it.


Option for some (or all) newly born hiyoko to have outfit equipped instead of its inherited items.
The percentage (or chance) of hiyoko being set can be adjusted as well. So they all won't come out
wearing the same few outfits in storage.


* Removing Mods
NPCs and Clothing/Armor from other mods can be used as models and in outfits, respectively.
The mod will detect if an NPC or item is no longer valid to due its parent mod being removed.
-For an NPC, it will simply be removed from the model list.
-For an item, any outfits containing the item will be removed and
models wearing those outfits will be restored to their original equipment.


* No Male/Female Distinction
Outfits are considered "unisex". Outfits are not separated into male/female categories.


* Companion Mods
Some companions have custom inventories and scripts managing them.
Conflicts could arise from adding/removing items to/from companion inventories.


* Quest Items
This mod attempts to prevent Quest Items from being copied into an outfit as well as
unequipping Quest Items off a model. However, there are no guarantees on the effects of using
these spells on models that have a Quest Item in their inventories.


* Equipment Slots
The "outfit_mask" setting controls which equipment slots are stored in an outfit as well as which
is unequipped/removed from a model. By default: Hair, UpperBody, LowerBody, Hand, Foot, Amulet slots
are in the mask. The setting can be changed to allow/disallow more equipment slots, but items are still
limited to clothing/armor. Even if an outfit doesn't use all equipment slots specified in a mask,
all existing items in the inventory that match the mask will be unequipped/removed.
Example, the "hair" slot is set in the mask by default, which is used by helmets. If none of stored
outfits have a helmet, but the NPC does have one it will be unequipped/removed. This prevents
other mis-matching clothing/armor being equipped along with the outfit.


* Tails
The tail slot is not included in the outfit_mask by default, but can be set by the player.
However NPCs won't equip tail slot items themselves normally, and need to be forced to by
enabling "force_tail" in ini.


* Export/Import Outfits
Transfer outfits to a new game or import from a master list. The mods no longer
used do not have to be removed from the exported data. The mod will verify each outfit separately.


If you still decide to install this mod after reading/skimming/skipping all of the above, then
I wish you good luck and have fun.




Set Body (optional)
TamagoClub/HiyokoClub (optional)
Conscribe (optional)


version 2.0
* Major revision/re-write
- Switched from force (un)equipping new items to storing existing items.
- Tail slot forcing
- Export/Import option
- Prevent duplicates
- Reduced spell count in favor of menu based system
- Remove "clean" spell
- SetBody support brought back
- TamagoClub/HiyokoClub support


version 1.1
- Fixed bug in Set Outfit (Remove)
- Update readme (RE: tails)


version 1.0
* Major revision/re-write
- switched from formid based system to using currently equipped items
- dropped SetBody support


version 0.3
-range scans are persistent


version 0.2
-tweaks and fixes
-debug messages


version 0.1 - Initial


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Set Outfit 2.0 is the third major iteration of this mod.  Hopefully, noone attempted to use the first 2.


Here some fun things to try:


#1 Everybody Naked

Some of the top spells on nexus are making people naked.  It's one of those things you have to do once.  Well, here's another take on it.

The best way is to have no outfits in storage.  Take off your clothes -- I mean unequip all clothing/armor.  The use mirror on an NPC or the save spell.

Now switch to the "Set Outfit" spell.  It is a target spell so you can hit people with it from a distance. I can't help but have Snap - "The Power"  running in my head when doing this (probably from Bruce Almighty).


When you get bored of that.  Select the "Set Outfit (Full)" spell.  Cast it on someone and select "Outfit" -> "Remove".  Everyone should go back to normal.


#2 Multiple Outfits

This is probably most useful for companions since it aids in have both a clothing outfit and an armor outfit.  To start fresh on NPC use "mirror", "set" or select outfit from menu.  Then, cast "Set Outfit (Full)" -> Keep which will keep the outfit chosen in the NPCs inventory. 

Then, add another outfit using one of the previous methods.  Now the NPC has two outfits in their inventory.  If using MCS, the NPC can switch between the armor/clothing sets

when appropriate.


#3 Outfit Specific Body-types

It is mentioned in the description, but worth repeating.  There are a lot of armor/clothing mods with various body-types.  Maybe you might like to see a non-DMRA hiyoko.  Equip an outfit as usual.  Cast Set Body Self and choose a body type.  Then cast mirror or save.  Then that body-type is part of the outfit.  You'll need to do a reset on yourself when done.


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This sounds great, and sorry if I missed it- but can you set a specific set of equipment onto an NPC without putting it on yourself first?


I ask because this would help get NPC's in certain bondage outfits and such, but if I equipped all that on me first I wouldn't be able to get it off.

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There isn't a direct inventory editor in this mod.  However, there is a way but it isn't pretty.


If you can't cast spells:

You would need to use FormID Finder. yeah, sorry about that. 

Equip the desired items.  Then, I believe you do a shift + right-click to get your current items. 

I haven't tried it but the instructions say you can Alt-Right Click in your inventory,

Note the mod name and FormIDs.

Exit the game.  Then, use this info to put in the ini, which will add it to the outfit menu.

I forgot to do a template for the import, but it looks like this:

;Set Outfit.ini
;Each outfit is on a separate line

;Import format
set SetOutfit.Import to sv_construct "%z^|MODNAME.esp:xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx" SetOutfit.Import

;replace modname with the source mod and the xxxxxx's with FormIDs.
;only the last 6 digits are needed.

;example (simple):
set SetOutfit.Import to sv_construct "%z^|DMRA BBB R18PN Lingerie.esp:000EF4 000EFC" SetOutfit.Import

;example (with body-type and multiple mods)
set SetOutfit.Import to sv_construct "%z^<HGECLL|HGECBUC>|Simple coordinate.esp:000ED4|DMRA BBB R18PN Lingerie.esp:000EF4" SetOutfit.Import

;The code in <> is the SetBody code. | (pipe) separates the individual mods in the outfit.  
;Then after each modname is a : (colon) followed by FormIDs separated by spaces.

Take the simple example.  Replace "DMRA BBB R18PN Lingerie.esp" with your mod name and replace the 000EF4 ... with the FormIDs in the finder.  The import line(s) can technically go anywhere in the ini file, but towards the bottom would probably be neater. Then, you should be able to find it in "Set Outfit (Full)" -> Outfits.


I really didn't consider this scenario.  Well, I guess it figures that the first reply hits the mod in its Achilles heel. :P

Out of curiosity, what are those bondage items/mod(s) you're playing with?  You know, for testing purposes.

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That's Oblivion ! You must install armors and clothes for your body. There is no mod that can "modify" the meshes in game ( it is not Skyrim)

With this Mod you can use different armor and clothes replacers.

So Player can have the clothes for the player body, NPC can get clothes for the body they use. But you must have all the different armors and clothes meshes for all bodies you use.

And there are not many full armor clothes replacer. For many bodies you don't get clothes or only a few.


You can read my yellow Link below, there are some Links to full armor-clothes replacers.


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