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Mod Organizer Tutorial

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Ok so stick a fork in me bc i'm done with Nexus Mod Manager. i am officially switching to Mod Organizer. i no longer have the patience for NMM specifically in regards to making changes, uninstalling mods etc..


Can someone recommend a good tutorial or dummies guide to getting started with MO? its kind of intimidating as its not as easy to use. thanx in advance.

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Use Mod Organizer 1.3.11 for Skyrim. Only 32bit applications can be run inside MO1.

Use MO 2.0.6/Beta2 for Fallout 4, which supports 64bit, but is still buggy and in testing stage.


Depending on your setup just installing all mods you have in NMM with MO might even allow you to continue your save.

The only thing that is hard is to understand is how it works and what it does. But not much harder than learing what filetype does what in Skyrim, mod dependenies and (in-)compatibility.

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