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  1. how do you take such nice pictures? what enb is it?
  2. petey must know someone influential or there is some nepotism going on over there because that guy is a lummox. he reminds me of Lennie from Of Mice & Men.
  3. it's probably a fine line or grey area since these edits or mods are only client-side cosmetic changes.
  4. they were talking about replacing the default female textures with CBBE. I wonder if editing the ini for the widescreen fix constitutes a EULA violation too?
  5. of course… and is anyone really surprised by bethesda shenanigans anymore?
  6. I guess they're gonna milk it until Bethesda stops giving them fodder. I think it's safe to say that they are definitely under a microscope now...
  7. is it just because there is a learning curve or does it just not do a lot of what PS does?
  8. i'm so bored of 76 news but here is another new vid. sales-wise it was a flop but does anyone know if it was a Big Flop, Moderate-Flop or Small Flop? I was curious as to how much money they lost (at least in the interim). doesn't help that every reviewer and fucking "wanna-be youtube superstar reviewer" props up their sales figures. I know you might say that its a small amount of wanna-be dooshes but is it? is it?
  9. here's an interesting article: https://segmentnext.com/2018/12/10/chris-avellone-bethesda-the-outer-worlds/ Chris Avellone and some original Fallout devs parted ways after creative differences and he had this to say: "Well my experience has been if a dev/publisher doesn't want to listen, they won't listen, so your words evaporate as soon as spoken."
  10. actually I think there might be something to it. maybe he said everyone worked on it just as lip service to hype it. maybe the extent of it was Bethesda emailing code to Austin.... and since Toad Howards likes CBBE... maybe he spends his time locked in his office stroking it to LOVERSLAB's "Show Your Skyrim Counterpart" threads!!!
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