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  1. cleavagesweat

    MSI x299 Raider Mobo - M.2 question

    oic. ya I guess it is still an ssd.
  2. cleavagesweat

    MSI x299 Raider Mobo - M.2 question

    when you say a regular SSD I picture a 2.5 inch drive that has a SATA port on the back. why do you refer to NVMe drives as regular SSDs?
  3. cleavagesweat

    MSI x299 Raider Mobo - M.2 question

    i'm not using a regular ssd, i'm using a Samsung 960 PRO Series - 1TB PCIe NVMe. thanx guys - I'll try moving it.
  4. cleavagesweat

    MSI x299 Raider Mobo - M.2 question

    I googled and couldn't find anything which is why I posted here...
  5. I have an MSI x299 Raider mobo and it has two M.2 ports. Does it matter which one I use? the higher one (M.2_1) is where I have my drive in currently but I don't like its location as it may draw heat from the GPU. So 2 questions: Does it matter which slot for primary drive? If I already installed everything when it was in the M.2_1 slot and the answer to question #1 is no it doesn't matter then can I move my drive over to the M.2_2 slot? thanks
  6. cleavagesweat

    Reinstalling Mods

    didn't know about that. it probably means I needed to create a backup restore point right? I did not do that so I think I am still screwed...
  7. cleavagesweat

    Reinstalling Mods

    i'm sooo sad...
  8. cleavagesweat

    Reinstalling Mods

    has anyone ever done this? old pc - backed up the entire skyrim folder new pc - installed skyrim and script extender and NMM would I be able to just copy/paste the backed up folder and thus not have to re-download and reinstall all the individual mods again?
  9. cleavagesweat


    RTX may be a gimmick cash-grab...
  10. cleavagesweat

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    the definition of "private server" is a misnomer. Beth has clarified that when they stated that there would be "private servers" that they meant that these servers would be leased from them, i.e. they would be the owner of these servers and people would be able to lease them. this was recently clarified by pete hines. I can guarantee that they will still monitor and police the heck out of them. again... this was another instance where toad howard & pete hiney intentionally misled the audience by double-speak and vagueness.
  11. cleavagesweat

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    multiplat = multiplatform, as in xbox, ps4, pc
  12. cleavagesweat

    Agenda 21

    that was hilarious
  13. cleavagesweat

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Shadow will be the 3rd in the reboot series. do you think that will be the end of this reboot?
  14. cleavagesweat

    Agenda 21

    just saw infinity war and thought it paralleled a lot of the Agenda 21 initiatives that globalists are trying to push. huh...
  15. have you seen this mod? ALL COMPANIONS