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  1. cleavagesweat

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    I used an aged detailmap that had eye wrinkles and some lower face wrinkles but I edited the lower part out to just have the eye wrinkles. I can't remember where I got the dds from but its not standard.
  2. cleavagesweat

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Frabbi the Cougar...
  3. hey all - i'm using a mod called reachman's respite and it seems the modder didn't make it with NPCs in mind because they can't follow inside. i'm gonna try to edit it and make it work but dunno what the marker is for NPCs to use. is it COCMAPMARKER?
  4. cleavagesweat

    ECE just won't play nice

    what is MO?
  5. cleavagesweat

    Outfit Studio Help

    theres no way i'm going to be able to cut a smooth line where I want it as myuhinny's instructions are too complicated for me. sigh...
  6. cleavagesweat

    Outfit Studio Help

    Ok I figured out everything but now I have an question about capabilities of the tool. I deleted a majority of the bottom of the robe but if you look at the attached pic, if I wanted to cut along the lines of the curve design right above the knee is that possible? looks like some precision is needed. not sure if the shader brush can offer that level of precision... also, how would I make the exact same changes to both 0 & 1 nif files? i'm thinking that would be almost impossible.
  7. cleavagesweat

    Outfit Studio Help

    I was trying to cut the length of the thalmor robe (see attached pic) and try to make it into a miniskirt type getup. can anyone help me figure out how I "cut" the mesh and delete the parts I don't want?
  8. cleavagesweat

    NPC Replacers - 1stperson Mesh Files Needed?

    ok then for NPC replacers the answer is no... in the attached pic I think I can also leave the field in red BLANK correct?
  9. this is going to sound silly to more experienced modders but in regards to making NPC replacers do I need to take into account the 1stperson NIF files? I have a gut feeling that logically the answer is no since when would I be in 1st person for that NPC? I think I just started doing it when I first learned and looked at the insides of another mod and just started copying that configuration without knowing if it was necessary. a definitive answer would really set my mind at ease and save me a lot of time.
  10. cleavagesweat

    Body Mesh Sharing vs Individual

    yea I just did a comparison with both scenarios by rebuilding the original individual mesh system and looked at side-by-side screenshots and I guess I was wrong. they look the same but I still got a gut feeling that it was as I stated in my OP. @yatol the pic I posted was just to show the slider for the female was enabled.
  11. I have a perceived issue where I used to use individual meshes for each NPC replacer I made which was fine but I just changed it to a communal mesh system where each mesh and texture is a single version and I just point body armors to whatever flavor I choose for each NPC (smarter way). The perceived issue I am having is that for some reason the bodies have gotten slimmer. the weight 50 looks more like weight 30 or less. I'm 100% certain that there is nothing wrong with the actual meshes so is this a slider issue that can be fixed in xEdit? if the body was using a lower weight wouldn't I have a neck seam? right now there is no neck seam there is just a noticeable slimmer body for what I used to have with individual body meshes. any help would be appreciated.
  12. cleavagesweat

    CK Help w/TRIGGERs

    oh damn. I didn't know they were markers. you're right about having to press the M repeatedly. I think that's why I didn't think it was a marker as I tried that before. it seems you have to press it repeatedly until it actually takes... thanks!
  13. cleavagesweat

    CK Help w/TRIGGERs

    this is not really a big request. I just wanted to know if someone can help me TURN OFF the trigger layer so I can actually edit the physical items underneath (see attached).
  14. cleavagesweat

    NPC to Not Move

    I have an npc in a pillory and when I strike them with a cane or crop it moves them a little. is there a console command to make them stuck in a certain X/Y axis? can you imagine reading that sentence on a website that wasn't loverslab???