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How can I now that I'm exceeding mi RAM & VRAM limits?

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Hello! I've created this topic because I have random issues and bugs on my Skyrim and everything it's possible to be related to my RAM and VRAM, this are the situations:


- sometimes my Skyrim crashes with double penetration animations from SexLab

- sometimes my PC it's just standing up while other character it's playing the animation from SeLab

- sometimes FNIS PCEA 2 won't work or won't load correctly the animations and I have to wait (sometimes I wait seconds, and sometimes I have to wait 15 minutes mean while PCEA 2 loads the animation correctly, if I don't wait it, I get the third person bug or... CTD)

- sometimes SexLab don't load the animations correctly and when I cancel the animations with the hotkey... CTD
- world won't load fast or at the moment, F.E.: if there is a bridge, it doesn't appear at the moment, it appears from 5 to 10 minutes later, or the textures like the HD texture pack sometime won't load correctly and I have to wait, textures stay loading from 10 - 30 min (and I feel like to be playing on a PS1, lol)

- Skyrim scripts won't load correctly sometimes, one example is when I did the Meridia's quest and I got the infamous issue "Fall to Death" after the conversations with her, I found a fix on internet but I got that issue 'cause my game scripts loads slowly, sometimes when I want to start a new game the scripts from Helgen loads slowly too

- my loading screens are slowly: sometimes the loading is in 1 minute or less, sometimes 5, and sometimes are 10 minutes!

- battle animation sometimes are lagged, and I have to be careful with the magical battles because my Skyrim get's stuck without CTD, but it still stuck from minutes and I have to restart my laptop


here is the weirdest part:

yes, it's a laptop, but I have Intel Core i5-2410, 6 GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 3000

can someone help me, please? :(

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These sound more like scripting errors and a fucked load order than they do limitation issues.


Also I hope you mean the nexus hd pack because the Steam one is fucked from hell to breakfast and causes crashes on its own without help from anything else.


If you were having RAM issues the game would straight up crash or explorer.exe would crash.


FNIS 6.2 doesn't like being installed in anything but the root directory as admin. if you're using NMM or MO you need to admin those and stick the FINISHED FNIS output in your override folder or as a discrete mod at the end of your load order.


Sounds like you simply have way too many or conflicting script mods. Also make sure you're using ENBoost with that set up if you plan on using a lot of anims.

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thank you, guys! I've downloaded MO recently and there I found that problem about the load order, "it's fixed", but it still crashing and having issues (now I have the unlimited loading screen and I have to load my own fix of the saved game on Helgen before do my own character, and there I load my saved game), I'll try with ENB, I hope that it could work for me :(

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At some point of accumulating mods you need to start starting ( :)  ) the game via a Helgen or LAL or some other appropriate save. I've seen this discussed several times here and seems this is what many people do. If you just go directly to your latest save the game crashes.

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I now, I think I gave that idea somewhere in this page 'cause I have a saved game previous to made my own character at Helgen (I don't now how I did that and with that I avoid the wagon bug and fix other things xD), probably I'm going to up that for people that is having problems, here or in my Nexus' account, and thank you all here for help me whit this :)

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