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  1. thanks man, been trying to find different enbs & textures to make the skin soft & pale, always seem to wound up with skin that reacted to lighting making it have brownish tinge in certain lighting and the back being a darker shade as well
  2. https://wtfuun.tumblr.com/post/145491234019/akabir-samurai-bikini-armor-uunp-hdt-need-this http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-991.html these ones maybe?
  3. is there gonna be any update to the lite version? also just slight spelling error, alvor says " how i every say no" rather than ever
  4. hey if you dont mind me asking, what is the body texture & preset you are using + enb in the screenshot of the pc squatting infront of 2 npcs
  5. Having a slave from this mod seems to break Sexlab Kidnapped, where the npcs will be hostile & try to kill the slave which is unkillable.
  6. any chance to only have the defeat feature of this mod? it seems like the prison system might be conflicting with zaz prison overhaul & it seems that any mod that makes the player get raped while sleeping while the release part of imprisonment is happening will cause the mod to glitch out and do nothing with the objective being completed. Btw, the guards have no dialouge option(at least for me being imprisoned in whiterun). tldr; can i disable the imprisonment system?
  7. I managed to repurpose the animation files into a file recognisable & usable for FNIS PCEA2, i can post it if you will allow me, regarding the author, i do not understand russian(or at least that is what i think the language is, sry for any offence) so i have no idea how to navigate/communicate with the author. Myra Rapier Animation - FNIS PCEA2.zip
  8. any chance the rapier animation can be made available as a FNIS PCEA2 file?
  9. Goddamn this are some great stuff, btw for futa is it SOS for females?
  10. hi im having a problem where the npc i saved doesnt climb up the ladder (pass through loading screen) to get out npc: geraldine shoal from aslal location: moldering ruins edit: i fixed it via the "moveto player XXXXX" command. doh the problem still doesnt resolve even via loading or other means
  11. is there a chance for him to not have the voice lines?
  12. The animations are in the BSA file so FNIS doesn't recognise their location but it does still activate them. If you want to get rid of the error unpack the animations from the BSA. Thx m8 u gr8 m8
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