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Cum wont go away

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Re-enable it, set the cum effect timer somewhere between 45 and 120 seconds, start a sex scene near (not in) a body of water that would apply the cum to your character again so it dispels the broken cum spell effect with a fresh working one, immediately go into the deep water and wait for the 45-120 seconds you set the timer to or until it goes away.


If that doesn't clear it, than it's not SexLab adding the effect.

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I know this is a WAAAAAAYYYY late response, but I've noticed that when it comes to this topic, no one ever gets back to it if they find a solution. So in case someone else is having this issue and happens to find this: One likely culprit seems to be ScocLB (Skyrim Cum on Clothes and Layered Bukkake)

I'm playing with 125 mods and for the last days I've systematically enabled and disabled anything even remotely related to the cum stain feature, and outer layers on actors in general. No idea which mod it is that collides with ScocLB to produce this endless bukkake-bug though. -So if anyone knows any more about that, feel free to enligthen me. But this is a start at least. Disabling ScocLB fixed it right away for me. 

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