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  1. I actually read what Sherrif said and yeah, there are lvl 80s bandit mages that only wear a set of fur armour and a steel dagger. Then theres level 5 bandits with glass arrows. It would make more sense to have the high leveled ones wear and use better equipment. Anyway what I came for... the mod description says that the armour rating and weapon damage of the player would be the same as in ADEPT difficulty but as I increase the difficulty these numbers drop and even the damage does is the game supposed to be played on ADEPT or Legendary and Master are just full of damage sponges ? I load RunDBRun before ordinator and nothing else but this keeps happening. I hope its not intended then.
  2. Just checked that too and no the spells still dont do anything. Ive spent my last 5 hours making sure everything works and they do, except for the Libido transfussion spells. A pity because its the only thing ive never used until recently.
  3. Checked again, I check their arousal with the N. Potions work, ardor spells work, detect spells work, libido explosion scroll and Libido transfer Spells simply do not work and im using aroused redux and the SLEN esp is at the bottom. I dont want to give up on this mod because its the only one that will let me "interact" with the npcs arosaul level without having to "just walk around naked" to make them horny. Unless theres another mod that has something like that that is not Interactive Arousal mod.
  4. Yes, just checked, it increases and decreases naturally with time and with sex. But for some reason the Spells dont transfer anything to NPCs
  5. Do I need to finish a quest to make spells like Libido transfussion to work ? I got them via console but the arousal is still the same, I dont lose or transfer anything. Edit: The detect friend/lover/ally spells work fine, its just the arosual transfer spells the ones that do not work at all.
  6. Looks promising, hopefully Angi gets herself a pet to acompany her on those cold nights. Hopefully a husky!
  7. Is there a way to remove the outfit disabled ? I dont think im going to use the slavery system and I would like to change my followers outfits completely.
  8. Finally works. But it wasnt this mod causing the conflicts. It was OsmelMC's tweaks. Im glad Steam is weird af and brings back old deleted save games even from 2014 but whats with the skooma drinking ? 8/10 interactions initiated by npcs are about skooma.
  9. Well the dialogue to make a follower satisfy a follower dog doesnt work. The sex never starts and the console says ''[slac[ player in dialogue menu, skipping automated engagement check''. Im using the beta 13 after installing the original SLAC. Or do I have to install the Special Edition in my Legendary Edition folder ?
  10. For some reason it might be conflicting with aroused creatures. But I cant unninstall the mod and save because then the game crashes when trying to do so. And even when it manages to save or quicksave they become corrupted saves. Any tip to fix this ? I tried making new save files and even saving in interiors. Edit: nvm i will just uninstall MCG for good and delete the saves.
  11. I would say this mod should overwrite all of those.
  12. Okay so I have a few questions to ask. Does this mod have support for True Wolves of Skyrim for MNC ? The descriptions when installing it says something about textures but in game the wolves still look like the vanilla ones with testicules and penises... yes I installed NMC and then the True Wolves of Skyrim for NMC. Also I remember the version 3.3 had more options like skins. So 4.0 has less content than 3.3 or did I just download the wrong option ?.
  13. Yeah, hes right, we need patch the Pre Strangervile patch. Well have to wait then.
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