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Jaffa, Kree!


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I have no clue what I'm doing, ... bodystudio...




You mean outfit studio? 


i lol'd so very hard at this. im sorry. but im not XD




If so all that will happen if you try to port oblivion meshes into outfit studio is a crash as it will cause it to lock up unless the mesh is from fallout then it'll load but oblivion meshes will cause it to crash.


you will most likely need to clean it out with NifSkope first so you have nothing but the 3d shapes left, before attacking it with outfit studio. or something to that effect. maybe an import/export with 3ds max to remove weird things and export as skyrim to get a baseline.

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Fallout nifs you first have to run them though Gerra6's pose converter to convert them from fallout pose to skyrijm pose then make a body that looks close to what you need I usually make just the normal sized rename them and place them into the outfit studio folder then click start new project select the body I made then select the fallout nif adjust item pieces if needed and mold them and remove clipping once it is how you want it export it with reference so that the body you used stays in the nif. Then run it through mesh rigger where mesh rigger will add the skyrim bone nodes remove fallout junk and replace them with skyrim stuff it will also change the nif version to skyrim.

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