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Return of the Bijin

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A notification to all of you that missed your favorite NPC textures: all of the Bijin mods as well as Toccata and Vivace have returned to the Nexus. Rxkx has stated that the rest of his mods will follow shortly.  :D


It's a shame he felt he had to take them down in the first place, but more than that, I'm glad they've returned.


EDIT- Some texture improvements and new NPCs have also been added!

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Seem i am not the only one:




Allot of people cannot navigate nexus correctly. But as usual Darkone is desmissing the problem as being one. There is defenantly something going on because it take a very long time to even the load the nexus page correctly.



Sadly RK Followers and Seranaholic are still unavailable, let's hope h will rerelease them soon.



That possible why, the mods are not actiavted since the mod creator is now unable to navigate the nexus properly. This problem started on Friday for me.

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