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  1. Interesting NPCs (or 3DNPC) occasionally involve some of the mages whom are somewhat removed, distanced or otherwise estranged, from the "principal" mages at the college. Dravynea the Stoneweaver and Nelacar I clearly recall, and I think Falion; but I am fuzzy on that one.
  2. Anyone know of a mod that activates and makes use of the unused breaton NPC "Drunken Cultist"? I just spawn her in with console and recruit her at sanguines party at the tail end of "a night to remember". Wondering if something a bit more comprehensives been done out there. Was surprised that cutting room floor didn't do something with her considering.
  3. Some people are just rude. Never fear though, I got your back. I've got the fluffy cuffs if you've got a lipstick that matches your bums skin colour }:)
  4. I'd like to keep them looking more or less the same, not too worried about their armours (running a fairly nude skyrim ;} ). In a perfect world I'd love to know which body they all use and just drop in a version of the mesh with belly node support. The only thing I've found said in that regard so far is that the bodies used approximates unpb / 7B. I've tried replacing with some other body meshes from other follower mods and whatnot, but they haven't worked quite right.
  5. As axz2 stated Eager NPCs is a route, and the one I am going to expound upon. There are settings beyond having to kill a dragon to start an orgy. 1st if you speak to someone whos relationshipRank with you is 4 (lover), you can ask them to start an orgy. Also there's a setting to have a percentage chance, which you can change(0% to 100% IIRC) of starting and orgy after clearing a dungeon. Also can do a similar thing for surprise morning sex once you wake up from bed(may be another mod, but I think its Eagar NPCs) where several npcs will just jump ya. Lastly if you go through the
  6. They're UNPB, and it seems I lied; they're aren't even bewb physics enabled. The tattoos that I equipped on Sorine Jurard underneath the armour however is, so IDK, I gots confuzzeled. The meshes I'm using for dawnguard are the UNBP spice gear ones. Can't remember if Robton's TMB armour replacers had a dawnguard jiggly one, and apparently their sites gone now T_T. There is something else though! https://skyrimscandal.blogspot.com/2019/02/gomapero-minibikini-update-2-uunp.html I need this! The mega link is dead though
  7. Look for UNPB/uunp skimpy Dawnguard meshes with physics. I've got one, but there's no belly node support
  8. Tera Armours, xenocite armor in particular If I am not mistaken. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9651 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4582 Solar sorta glows depending on the lighting in my game.
  9. Don't forget Eager NPC so you can mind fuck them into being into turning on their fellow bandits to protecc you (and your genitals) from harm. That in conjunction with grand/black soul gem plugs, devious drip spell and a fair amount of time to coerce/instill some Stockholm syndrome'esk type loven; is another avenue for play. But only if you're sick enough.
  10. I'd ask where you're getting the translated version if they have a translated version for SL, OSex, FlowerGirls or if its just the "clean" version. Did you try the AA-SL version here in game? Did it work properly aside from the language?
  11. download the version of AA here on LL and use it to supplant the one in your load order. If you only have a fade to black story pop-up box then there are 2 possible things I'd suspect happening. 1st I'd suspect that you're using a "clean" version of AA; Note there are several version of the mod. 2nd possibility is that AA isn't hooking into SL and your stuff is broken
  12. No really sure where to ask this, so... Here. Why not? How does npc following other npc packages work? Is it something that can be added easily (like in xEdit)? I want to make some changes to Sassy teens and have them follow other notable NPCs, like housecarls/stewards/Companions/Winterhold mages etc when dismissed to better imply that they are interning or getting mentorship into a trade/skill as per canon. I've got DragonsKeep which fills in the role of schooling for children; but would like to have the teens approximate something like trade schooling. Are the follow
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