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Sexlab and possibly a Papyrus problem

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In the very first step of troubleshooting, the guide tells you to put in or update your Skyrim.ini to provide a Papyrus report to assist with any error and debugging issues. I followed that part, went in changed the .ini then loaded my save game and tried to spawn a sexlab situation. (I used Dangerous nights as my testing mod, because that's the mod I realized that Sexlab didn't seem to be firing in.) When my character woke up for the encounter, the other actor just ran off rather than triggering into an animation. This is what it has been doing. So I closed the game and went to look at the Papyrus log- only there is no Papyrus log. Skyrim generated the 'Logs' folder, but not a 'Script' folder or anything to do with Papyrus. I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong or why something isn't working right.


I'm not getting any errors, and FINIS says it's reading Sexlab just fine. Which unfortunately leaves me completely vexed.  FINIS Spells and some non-Sexlab FINIS-dependent mods are working fine, so I doubt the problem is FINIS itself.

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First hypothesis: you are using Mod Organizer and you edit the Skyrim.ini of the main installation folder: if yes edit the one in the profile directory of MO


Second advise: try to run a Sexlab anim directly using match maker: if the anim runs, then is Dangerous Nights that has a problem.


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Hey, I never did figure out why I'm not getting my Papyrus log, but Sexlab's working now. I accidentally re-downloaded it and then suddenly I had the option to "Install" Sexlab from the MCM menu. I guess it not being initialized would make perfect sense as to why it wasn't working. I'm not sure why I didn't have the install option before, but I have Hughes.net, and it wouldn't be the first (Or second, or third) time where Hughes.net decided to only download Part of something.

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