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everything in arch mage quarters is considered stealing


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Decided to do another playthrough of the mages guild earlier this month. When i finished and became arch mage everything was fine. Everything belonged to my player in the arch mage's quarters and nothing was wrong. The next day (irl time) i come back and at some point i return to the quarters and everything is labeled as stealing. Even the stuff i placed in the chest and safe. everything. I didnt want to reload a save because i had already done alot prior to returning to the quarters and didnt want to redo stuff. I dont want to reload now because of the same reason. Is there anyway to fix this without having to reload a save (if doing so would even fix it to begin with)?

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You should be able to target each item with the console and use "setownership" command. Not sure what might have cauesd them to count as owned, unless you have one of the college of WH mods.

that would be a lot of items... would it work if i just targeted the chest the items are in?


If you are in the thieves guild steal them take them to the seller sell them then buy them back and the stolen will be gone will also work if you have the vendor skill for selling stolen items.

That's something i thought about but I was curious to see if there were any other workarounds for this bug


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