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[TS3] Casting Call?

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So I am finally, finally ready (at least minimally) for my next film. Thanks to Ein I have a custom world to film in -- do you know how hard it is to find exactly what you're looking for without breaking your computer or game? sheesh -- and it's all ready to go. ^_^


The casting call? Well I've been thinking about it since MJ allowed her sim Luna to star in the last one and forgetting the fact that I am bit too lazy at present to make the number of lady sims needed I figured maybe some of the community members would like to contribute. Note, not all of the sims will be engaged in sex or even get all that much screen time but these Sims are more essential to the overall theme of the film and aren't just background extras.


I need 7 lady sims.


If you would like to see your Sim immortalized in a Sims erotica then please kindly send them along. I promise to take good care of them. : )


Now, I have a lot of CC already in game and (without giving away the big surprise) I'd like you not to worry about hair or skintones or clothes. You should pack your sim as vanilla as possible, that means EA skin, hair, and clothes. I have to dress them any way to fit the theme.


You're probably asking yourself -- if she plans to edit them in CAS why does she need my Sim? All of mine tend to look the same, I'd like a little more variety and it can take hours to sculpt a Sims face--at least for me.

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Wicked - good news - I successfully installed Sims 3 and 8 expansions. Restoration of all my saves, worlds, characters and objects went well. Will post you my favorite girl (I believe you know her already ;)  ) very soon. And thank you for having her in your movie. :)

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Sorry for a big file. I was "encouraged" to send her with my CCs since you said that it wouldn't be a problem (at least I understood it and my apologies if I haven't) :)


Feel free to change her outfit as you like. I have only one "condition": she must wear stockings in your movie... you know why ... ;):D:P


And I just noticed that I accidentally replaced her thongs with mini skirt ... lol ...

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I have so many sim girls that I find it very hard to choose one! I liked Luna in your clinck clinck video, so if you want one of these ladies too, I'd be pleased to share her vanilla :D


I'm gonna give a line up so you can choose yourself, lol. See the spoiler!





1. Senna



2. Danitsja



3.Summer (except for the hair she is already vanilla)



4. Britney



5. Marilyn (edited NPC)



6. Louisa



7. Noëmi



8. Kannitha (edited townie from Monte Vista)



9. Sarah (edited NPC)



10. Sophie



11. Eliza



12. Miley (teen)



13. Samantha (edited NPC)



14. Tina







If you want one of these girls, let me know, then I'll strip them from their cc and send them to you. ^^


(They look much better in game then in CAS btw ;) )


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I`ve got this one if you like? only cc on her is the eyelashes i think. Although I am not sure if she will look like that as I have a bunch of default overlays in my game (eyebrows/hair/skin/topical details.)attachicon.gifwicked2.PNGattachicon.gifwickedloveth.PNG


No, no. She's very pretty and will fit nicely. ^_^ I have to fix them up anyhow but I really like her hair -- could you send it too?


Also, once I have all of them I'll work on them. It's much easier that way. Ein and I are still fixing the map lol. Work is never done. .-.


Do you mind if I give her a tan?

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