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  1. no worries, lol. Thanks so much!
  2. Short answer: yes. Long answer: Yes, all with the Sims. Praaven is empty but the shopkeeper was game generated, I changed his hair and clothes. I did not create the world but I did add the forest, the pond lot, I decorated and edited the cottage lot, the gingerbread house. EP made the characters, I edited them, dressed them etc. the witch is my own personal sim. The story is mine. Yes, I did all of it. I did not create the clothes, hair. The custom content. If. you watched the film, creators are credited at the end.
  3. Helloooo Nurse! It's been awhile, hasn't it? As (mostly) always, I come with gifts! {{click!}} I'm sure you've guessed by now that my latest bunch of films have been fairy tale/fable themed. I have seven planned for this series (2 down 5 to go!). Obviously, Spread Red was based on Little Red Riding Hood, Sticky & Sweet is based on Hansel and Gretel. Why fairy tales? I'll keep that a secret until the final film is released. ^ ~ I've always wanted to do something based off of Bones like Black Sugar by Catherynne Valente. That story has always stuck with me and I found myself wishing for more, for an entire story rather than an "after the story". Sticky & Sweet gave me that opportunity. Read my story behind Sticky & Sweet behind the spoiler tag! Characters Because my good friend, Alfakyn-elda (aka Elf Prince) was working on an incest related story and I had just read Bones like Black Sugar for the 100th time, I decided to do Hansel and Gretel with my own naughty twist. EP was gracious enough to let me borrow his SIms, the Love Family (no relation to Lace lol!) for my film. I changed Manuela (aka Manny) the most and I'm pleased with how she turned out and I know EP is too. ^ ~ My sim, Ashley White stars as the Witch. EP chose well. I was skeptical about her playing such a bad ass character but she really pulled it off! Love Family: Ashley White as the Witch Set Sticky & Sweet was shot in jje1000's Praaven world. It's gorgeous so go check it out! The family's cottage is one of the prebuilt houses that comes with the world. I edited it quite a bit to suit my purposes lol. The Gingerbread House was made using Ineliz's the Scientist house as a base. You can find the gingerbread walls and patterns on TSR as well. Unfortunately, since I didn't make that house from the ground up it's not available for download. I also built the forest pond and the forest lot where Hansel and the Woodcutter chopped trees. Praaven Cottage Gingerbread house Scenes that didn't make the cut... and some naughty screens too~ I hope you all enjoy the film! Don't forget to follow me on Tumblr for real-time-right-in-the-middle-of-filming updates! Take care and I'll see you soon~ciao! xoxo, ~L.
  4. Ha ha ha, I'll keep that in mind, Alfakyn-elda.
  5. Your wish, my command. ^ ~ And thank you
  6. {click!} Hi All, So as you probably guessed from the poster I put up in my last entry, my newest film Spread Red premiered on Saturday at midnight. You can view it by clicking the link above. I've been making Sims 3 adult films for just about a year now, having gone public with them earlier this year. This film in particular was special as it launched the more polished campaign of my pseudo film company. Psuedo because I really only make Sims movies lol... so far. ^ ~ Spread Red wasn't exactly challenging to film-- I did have to keep the two characters separate until they came together on screen because Corky's (Red Rider) running animation was very, very slow in game. If I had the wolf chasing her (as I wanted) he would have easily overtaken her. I'd tried this before in my film, Girl with Dark Hair. As you watch Spread Red you can kinda see that. I used Lady's sims 3 sex animations exclusively. Ein019 has helped me tremendously through this entire process--I wouldn't even be able to make the films in HD without his help. Now that everything is shiny and bundled up in a really great package, I'm looking forward to my future projects. =) Characters Since I didn't use Amra72's animations in this film, I decided to use his sim Teddy. I couldn't get him to look exactly the same way in my game (for some reason) but it was okay because I had to sculpt his face anyway for the wolf. Red Rider was played by the very lovely Corky Ramos (my original made Sim) who will appear in my films from time to time. I created a host of girls -- five -- to star sporadically in my films. You already know Lace Love from such films as Wasted Time, Leather & Lace, and Love Me Long Time. Corky's actually appeared in my films before (Girl with Dark Hair as the drummer in the Doom and Gloom Girls band and in After Dark). Ashley White has appeared in the two films about the fairy and her werewolf lover (Faoladh and the Fae and Met by Moonlight), Bettina appeared alongside Lace in Wasted Time. Ami Xiu is the newest addition to our happy little porn family. She will appear in films very soon. ^ ~ Since this was technically the launch of my TS3 film company I had to include my girls in the opening scene. I think it sets the tone of the film, quite nicely. Picture of the girls behind the spoiler tag. Set The Christmas party was shot at Wicked Loveth's cabin in Bridgeport. You can find the Cabin here. I wanted you guys to be able to see the city in the windows but since it was winter and cold out, the windows were fogged up! The rest of the film was shot on location in Great Bear by Jonnywyr. I edited it quite a bit because there was a serious lack of trees. You can find it here. Grandma Rider's house is here. Fun Facts Human Teddy was naked through out the duration of filming There are actually 2 Teddy's furry and human. Furry Teddy actually was a werewolf but Human Teddy was not. Grandma Rider is just an elder version of Corky. = 3 My self-sim/avatar appears in the film. ^ ~ Corky's open coat is a completely different coat from the one she wore in the beginning of the film. All the girls are dressed in festive clothes except for Corky. She celebrates Christmas in black lol Pixel posters and stills below the fold. Take care and thanks for watching! Let me know in the comments how you liked the film. <3 xoxox, ~L.
  7. It's done! It's done! Go watch it <3

  8. Hiii~ I come with pixel gifts this time. ^ ~ I guess you could say Christmas came early--I can just hear people now... "but it's MAY!" I haven't had a good night's sleep in a week but that's okay because I am thrilled! THRILLED! I love this new film to pieces. I'll let the trailer do the talking for me. Follow me on Tumblr at wickedlyxdeliciousxsims. You can see all the sweet treats there but for now... pixels! As promised. <3 XOXOXO, ~L. P.S. Stills behind the spoiler tag.
  9. Hello All, I've been thinking about creating this for a long time! While Oniki's Kinkyworld Reference Guide and Maraas' Guide have a wealth of information, I still see the same questions repeated a lot in the Kinkyworld Download Thread. Please check the Reference Guide and Maraas' guide before asking a question, chances are the information you're looking for is there. This FAQ will not cover computer or coding issues so please don't look for answers to those types of questions here, I'm no expert! I will also not be covering the cc you need to get your Sims out of censored pelvis area bumping. I won't be covering cc at all! I've provided some tips for cc in the Tip section. This FAQ is strictly about the Mod (and it's animations in relation to the mod. If you are experiencing difficulties with animations stuttering, looping, and/or stopping please kindly direct those questions to their respective thread owners. ) If you have a question (or know of one!) that is not listed here, please post it below or send me a PM (preferably with the answer) and I will update this post. Troubleshooting Tips Best Practices Misc Tips Note, I've put the answers behind spoiler tags to save space. Now, onto the questions! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q. Hi! Whenever I direct my Sims to Woohoo I get the message "no stage found." Help? Q. Why won't my Sims woohoo when I tell them to?! Q. Oh no! What have I done? My Sims stand in the middle of the bed instead of sleeping! Q. Do you know why there are no rapists in my game? Q. Okay, I followed your advice but my Sim still hasn't been raped! Q. My Sims' Woohoo only lasts for a minute, help? Q. How do I make my Sim into a whore/callgirl/escort? Q. Can sims get pregnant from being raped? Q. How do we know about Mod Updates? Where is it written? Can we have an alert/notification on this website/on a facebook page? Q. In the future, do we just replace the old .package file with the new one, or is there any risk of version mismatch? Q. Does this mod work with the latest Origin updates? Q. How do you initiate a threesome with this mod? Q. My Sims' and their [insert relative] won't woohoo! D: Why?! Q. So I was trying to crank my Sims' gears by watching some KinkyTV but there's nothing there? Q. Help! My Sim's penis is [insert color here]. Q. Why isn't my Sim's body not aligned right? Q. My Sim's boobs are distorted. Any suggestions? Q. Where can I find the cannabis items? Q. My Sims are trying to do the nasty but I get an annoying popup about condoms. Where can I find them? Q. Help me please. My game is bogged down with lag because of all the service Sims Kinkyworld dumps into my game. Q. My sim is trying to watch a live kinky show but every time I click on the laptop, there's no show! D: Q. Why won't my Sims go beyond teasing? They're horny, they get it going and then stop? I am exhausted. It's 5:43 AM. I'm giving this a rest for now. Send those questions and answers in! Good luck and Happy Simming! ^ ~ -- L. With thanks to: OnikiKay, OregonRain2, Lovelybones19, JolieRouge, MaryJane, DeletedUsername, janyses, Maraas, Mr. Col, genericlogin, MaryJane & many other helpy helpertons!
  10. This new series is sick! Hot damn I'm good. <3

  11. Hahaha! Nah, I already have two impossible jobs, I don't need a third one!
  12. Thanks! I think I was a deejay in another life lol.
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