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  1. Uhm... I'm not sure. Do you have aging turned on? Maybe adjust the lifespan of your sim in the Options menu. If you want to age them up without turning on Aging, then buy a birthday cake from the catalog or the Grocery Store and age them up that way.
  2. Hi! Yes, include the 'underscore' when adding the animation package to KW. Example: kw_l666_animations No idea! lol Try re-downloading the zip file.
  3. You actually have the fans of the series to thank for something playable at all. When TS4 was announced and the lists of everything missing from the the basegame were all over the internet, all hell broke lose. TS4 was actually supposed to be online only, probably riddled with micro-transactions but EAxis had to backtrack fast because Sim City $$$ tanked. I don't think they'll actually do Sims 5. TS4 is effectively dead - custom content really isn't enough to make people shell out truckloads of cash and if it is, Gods help the gaming industry. We'll get what we ask for by paying for crap like this. I'm still flabbergasted that people actually like TS4, but then I remember that they've probably never played TS2 let alone TS3. If you have and you actually prefer TS4 there is something wrong with you. lol
  4. Jonha has the breast sliders. I can't remember where they are but if you Google TS3 Breast Sliders, you should find them easy. With Cmar's penis, there are two versions. The CAS version which allows you to use the sliders in CAS (under the 'Head' section lol). Your Sim has to be naked to do it though. I think if you use the Nude bottom, it should work. The other version allows you to edit the penis outside of CAS in Live Mode. Your sim should be naked so the penis shows, then click on it and adjust the settings until you get the desired look. Be aware, though, that editing the penis might have clipping during animation sequences. I hope this helps and happy simming~ To the posts previous -- I'm still tinkering around with KW so I can't answer your questions, or even attempt to. Not to mention, I don't use University or Into the Future.
  5. I'm supposed to have updated this already but I'm getting there.
  6. Can't see the why/how of cars. It requires a loading screen between lots and you want cars? Lol, it'll be even more like TS2. I'm still trying to figure out the appeal of TS4 - besides the bright colors and a few actual upgrades to game play. I actually find build/buy more limited than ever (wtf can't I place a TV on something other than a console?!) and quite frustrating (seriously, I have to make a room THEN I can place floor tiles on top of it? Why?) as a builder. The loading screen between lots that are literally three steps away from each other is kind of a deal breaker. But it's not my money so...
  7. Great question -- my Callgirl (former hooker) never ran into police. I play Kinkyworld in Lucky Palms. :/ I had her set up in the park right across the street from the Police Station, I had her standing on the Criminal Warehouse lot, I had her in two parks near the old resort and the junkyard... Maybe someone else can help more but, I always had her hooking after 8pm until 6am. I did have her hooking during the day at the junkyard. She was a Coffee Courier at the business rabbit hole as a day job but she did her thing during the day on the weekends. Maybe the time matters, maybe it doesn't lol
  8. Your Sim needs to be at least a level 6 in Woohoo skill and have made at least $6k whoring. Once that is accomplished, if you click on the Skills tab and select the sheet of paper icon beside Woohoo, your Sim's title should reflect Call-girl. Go to the computer and select Kinky > Enroll in Callgirl Service. You can set their hours and the days of the week they work. Not sure about your second question, but to answer the first. You should be able to select, when you call up the Callgirl, where you want to do it. My sim is a Callgirl (she doesn't hire one), but her clients almost always come to her house much to my displeasure until I created and registered a lot as a hotel.
  9. Try raising their athletic skill. I've noticed that my Callgirl can Woohoo longer and go through different positions now that she's a level 3 in athletics. Judging by the gap between her head and shoulders -- I'd say this is body mesh conflict. I don't know what you're using but I think you'd better find a different one.
  10. Yeah, the option is there, but when selected it gets ignored, which is normal for high autonomy when they are not so inclined. Same as trying to flash boobies without enough Exhibitionism. I'll probably just have to make her a woohooer, I guess. At the rate she earns lifetime points it won't take long to get Mid Life Crisis, and Family Oriented or Hopeless Romantic can go. Good thing to keep in mind - if you want a non-Woohooer Ho, get them on the street early when money is short! You can use MC to change her traits.
  11. Funds have to be low to start, she has to be poor. So the businesses were probably a bad idea lol. There should be an option under Kinky to start whoring. I missed it at first.
  12. I think the rapists are what used to be the burglar used to be hence the alarm going off. In sunset valley, Twyla Summers is usually a Burglar, but instead she is now a flasher/rapist. Yeah all of them that break into your house are burglars, they just never set off the alarm until this release. ha ha! I finally was able to test the new release, praise the Gods for free time. ;_; The only time a rapist set off my burglar alarm was when he robbed my house before he came back to rape my Sim, the idiot. The second time an intruder came to rape her, he didn't set off the alarm. I upped the rape chance to see if more would appear, no go yet but it's on 8AM here lol. I was kinda excited about the alarm thing though. Even though my Sim is a masochist and doesn't mind being assaulted, I liked that the alarm was set when the burglar rapist appeared. I'd love it if that feature was added to the mod. Wanted to say - burglar alarms affect rapists! They treat rapists like burglars, the police come out and everything. I am so happy.
  13. Nice, I guess. Lol I'm not a pc expert so it looks like gibberish to me. TS3 is laggy, sometimes. Just can't do everything
  14. Lag could be caused by a number of reasons. It could be the world you're playing in, the number of mods you're running, Kinkyworld in general (explosion of NPCs), the power of your machine, etc. etc. If you're playing Kinkyworld, I would suggest doing so in a small-small medium sized world that has the bare minimum of E/SP requirements (some EA worlds have routing issues like Bridgeport and Isla Paradiso). I would also suggest only using a handful of E/SPs depending on your flavor of gameplay. I would not use Pets AND Seasons AND Supernatural, for example. Additionally, I would scale back the number of services provided in Kinkyworld. If I'm going to have rapists in my game, for example, I don't use Peeping Toms or Flashers. In fact, I never use flashers. And if you're sim is going to be a Street Walker, then I would only have them hook for a few hours a Sim day. I noticed around 12 guy Sims show up on whatever lot my Sim is hooking on. Some of them are Townies, some of them are KW generated. If you're running NRaas Story Progression AND Kinkyworld on a standard machine, I would suggest either toning or scaling back SP or getting rid of it or really play in a small world--like truly small with only a handful of households. From the FAQ:
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