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[DOA5LR] H-LOD Nude Mod (curvy body)

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Indeed, you don't have six arms so you'll never beat Asura that's all, I'm happy you accepted that now please let me fap in peace while I'm watching some Asura six-armed nude pole dance.. B)


Ok, ok! I've lost, be happy. Here's your reward.


Tra lalala lalala lalalalalalala _lol__by_idjpanda-d7916gx.gif

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UPDATE: HLOD Mai Shiranui is here!

I originally wanted to wait until having a complete HLOD pack done, but I decided to release at least her HLOD version now (bushy and clean), since maybe I'll take more time than planned on making it  :P
  • Ready to use with Autolink
  • Bushy and shaved variatons included
  • Her thighs are slightly more "fat" than the average HLOD nude body.
  • Some boob clipping and other known issues.


Stay tuned for the other versions later!



some extra pics (penetrator preview)


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