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  1. If possible, please make this mod. It's fromVindictus.
    Very pretty. You can for any girl. Thanks inadvance!



  2. No unfortunately there will be no more mods from me. I have no more time to dedicate to DOA; the last released DLCs are not interesting and the import required too much time. To be honest I don't even remember how to create the mods
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DINASTY WARRIOR 8 - SUN SHANG XIANG ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + Full Import + Based on Momiji + Breast physic + 4 variants: Full dressed; Upper exposed; Lower exposed; Full nude - No facial expression - Static hair - May be there some bug DOWNLOAD LINK: Sun Shangxiang.7z CREDITS : Tecmo Koei - DOA5:LR game Omega Force - Sun Shangxiang character cunihinx - For models and textures S
  4. WIP: Sun Shangxiang (DW8) by cunihinx
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOA5:LR Arc System Work XXX pack ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + Nude mode for all girls with Nite's Nude Remix Mod for the bodies + All girl have 4+ version for all costume + Honoka included + Extracted weght is around 800MB + Ready to use with Autolink - May persist some minor bug DOWNLOAD LINK: DOA5 LR Arc Sistem Work XXX.7z CREDITS : Tecmo Koei - DOA5:LR game Doutoku - For all
  6. Work completed, in upload. For some issue I not included Mai, Naotora, Pai, Sarah in the pack but unlike what I said I've made a set for Honoka
  7. Status update: All standard characters are complete, need only a test for find bug and rename and pack everything up Now I think what do with Mai, Naotora, Pai, Sarah, I'm pretty near to and that project so you don't have to wait too long
  8. Status update: Done: Ayane, Hitomi, Lisa, Marie, Momiji, Phase4, Tina, Kasumi, Christie, Rachel, Mila To do: Helena, Kokoro, Leifang, Nyotengu Queue: Mai, Naotora, Pai, Sarah
  9. Yes I will split the pack, Don't know how many part, I need to see the final weight and where upload
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