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[DOA5LR] H-LOD Nude Mod (curvy body)

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You can consider uploading dead or alive 5 videos with explicit pornographic content to pornhub and vimeo. If you must upload to YOUTUBE, I will give you an idea. The first step is to set "video age restriction (on request of the uploader)" in youtube, and the second step should not contain explicit sexual content on the video cover.
The third step is to set the video to be watched by people who know the link. Others don't know your video link. Others can't search for DOA5 videos containing sexually explicit content on YOUTUBE.
Other people click on your youtube avatar, and other people view your youtube homepage and cannot see the DOA5 video containing sexually explicit content.
You send the video link to your friends, and your friends can watch DOA5 videos that contain sexually explicit content. People who don’t know the video link can’t watch it.

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Dear Master SaafRats: You once said that with the H-LOD mod, women will keep shaking their chests if they stand still


Please watch the video. I used your momiji H-LOD. Momiji stood still and his chest didn't shake. What's the matter? Only the white rabbit ears on momiji's hair were shaking. Momiji's arm pierced the chest, please fix this bug if you are free. I personally suggest that you don't spend a lot of time on dead or alive 6. Doa6 has already cancelled private heaven. The defeated posture of DOA6 female characters is not as sexy as doa5. With the image quality patch, the quality of DOA5 will not be worse than doa6.
You can spend more time on DOAXVV, DOA5.

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