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Good mods for an Ice WItch?


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So I'm playing an ice-themed character, using the Lunari race and Calyps White Bosmer Ceremonial armor (retextured  it to be really white with no green) and I need some decent ice-themed mods.


I'm looking for clothing, armor, (neither too scanty, pls) a home, weapons, or even spells.


I've searched the nexus and done a casual google, but I figure folks here know some hidden gems that I'd miss.

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The cassandra frost witch armor is a good slooty ice witch mod. And I can't share a link but if you google skyrim witchery: magical artifacts you'll get directed to a reddit thread with a modlist of magical themed playthrough mods which I found helpful when I recently started a witch character too. also I use the armour "The Fancy Witch Armour (witcher 3 recolour) from nexusmods. Hope these you might find my suggestions helpful and best of luck with what your looking for.

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@kikidelivery: Ooooh, pretty dress for Her Highness to wear while swanning around the ol

 ice castle!


@Karlpaws: Hooooly shit yasss. (PS. My character says "You have my gratitude. I shall take great pleasure turning these spells against the arrogant Sons of Iron")


@sergtankian: Heh, noooo, no slooty. But I'll check out the Witcher armor. Heard excellent things about the game!


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I've been trying out Colorful Magic in my current play-through --  it has a lot of ice-centric spells so you might check it out. Also, when I played a snow elf character, I created a small snowy island with an ice cave home for her to live in -- nothing fancy but I could check to see if I still have it -- there's probably something similar but better on Nexis, lol.

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