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Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen

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Are there any plans of any mods for this after todays release on steam by anyone in particular, if there are any modding capabilites of course.


I know this may be a bit of a stretch considering it's capcom but if no one knows for sure the game will be releasing on steam today and there could be room for it to be a possibility from what I have heard.


A quick Google search resulted in this. http://residentevilmodding.boards.net/thread/5741/ddda-mod


Thanks to the guys over there if this works!

That should give a bit of a basis for a texture/mesh artist to work off of should there be any demand for something that is a bit more *ahem* detailed.

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From what I've seen you can use the DDA extraction tool to mess around with some of the assets.  Though, I haven't looked into it as of yet.


Anyone know if this allows you to repack/extract the meshes?


Lol, I just tried to find the tool which was supposedly named (DDDA tool), but its now replaced by a mod manager? wtf @_@


Found another on this site, but not sure if this is the extractor I was reading about:




I was also looking at the cheatengine pages to see if anyone figured out a way to manipulate the sliders, sadly I didn't find anything (perhaps not enough interest).


Either case I'm loving the hell out of this game.  Reminds me of Dark souls, in the way the engine seems to work.  The difficulty starts off pretty decent on normal, and no real hand holding.  


The day/night mechanic drives me nuts, because it goes super fast lol.  Its like you start out at 7 am at a town, start going to another town, and suddenly its midnight.  So pretty much every quest that has you traveling, will for sure take you at least one game day.  Of course, you do have the infinite warpstone; which helps alleviate the process.


Honestly I can't even imagine playing this game without that infinite warp stone.  Spamming running till my character is  exhausted just wouldn't be enough for decent travel speed lol.  Makes me wonder where the fuck all the horses are.


@DorkDiva - Hmm, I'll have to take a gander at the textures.  Maybe I can do some hackjob of slapping a good Skyrim tex over.  Though, I'd rather leave doing so to the professionals :D  I've always been a fan of your work, so can't wait to see what you come up with.  

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After trying my hand at this at some other games, I realized the possibilities in Dragon's Dogma.  So I searched the net if anyone else had attempted it, and I found a very small shred of info.


Since at this point it doesn't look like mesh editing is possible, I figured to see if using the cheat engine to change slider values would work.  Like most games, it worked!


My characters breast aren't exactly sized to perfection, but more to the point of showing off what you can do.  Sadly the nipple placement now seems off.






Its very easily possible to probably do this with other sliders, because everyone has their own preferences.  


If anyone is interested in how I did the breasts, take a look here:


Here's what the author said in regards to what he found:



i wouldn't be surprised if this works for every body part but i'm too busy playing the game to mess around more and find values for every part first 2 numbers are depth second 2 numbers are width third 2 are height red numbers on the far right represent the position on the slider, since it's fixed notches

Screen shot of what they looked for in the cheat engine:




So what I did was do a group search for 3.59, 4, and 5 floats.  Then just looked for the entry that had all 3 listed.  Like so:






Only issue I'm having is getting it to work outside of character creation.  I found similar values, but I'm not sure if they are the exact same reference.  So definitely requires more testing lol.

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I actually found an import to 3ds max, but I'm having a helluva time getting it to import properly.  Someone from the RE forums did mention to me that the importer didn't work for DDDA yet...but on reddit the author of the nude tex said otherwise.  The biggest issue he claims atm is that there is no way to export the meshes.


In case anyone wants to check out the scripts, they are here:




The formats look to be similar since when you extract the files from the arc, there is a file type called "mod".  I'm not exactly sure if that's the mesh format, or its another file that holds the mesh info.  I can import, but again its all wacky.  I even took a look at a couple guides that the RE people use to import/export, but no luck.


Either case, the author of the nude tex is working on a 4k face tex...which looks pretty dam amazing.  Right now I'm just messing with enb, direly waiting for confidenceman to release his preset...cause it looks just incredible...













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Either case, the author of the nude tex is working on a 4k face tex...which looks pretty dam amazing.  Right now I'm just messing with enb, direly waiting for confidenceman to release his preset...cause it looks just incredible...


Incredible is a little bit of an understatement. I love DD/DD:DA to death, but those screencaps are just jawdropping. I definitely have something to look forward to.

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Honestly I can't even imagine playing this game without that infinite warp stone.  Spamming running till my character is  exhausted just wouldn't be enough for decent travel speed lol.  Makes me wonder where the fuck all the horses are.


Horses are yummy snacks for some of the creatures there.


They do have some oxen left, though, to pull carts and stuff. But they are yummy snacks, also...

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lol true enough, I you do see corpses of horses/oxen all over the place.  But, there's even an horse stable inside of Grandsys that's completely empty.  I figure at least the knights and nobility have horses...but apparently not.  I guess they all just use secret passages to escape their burning castle if shit ever hit the fan lol.  Better start rowing fast...watch out for the reptilian monsters :D

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Well if you want a really bad ass mod i found, besides the jp voices.  Check this one out:




Its basically some of the cheat engine options built in, such as remove vocation restrictions, and even make your own hotkeys.  I haven't attemped the hotkeys yet, but this is a must have.  Much easier to use then loading up the cheat engine table every single time you run the game.


I'll just quote what he put on the page:






Save backups
A hook is placed just before the game creates a save. When it gets there, the current save gets duplicated with a timestamp added to it.
If you need to revert to previous save, simply rename it to "ddda.sav".

It should find the save path automatically, if not see dinput8.ini.
You can limit the number of backups it keeps in dinput8.ini.

Shortcuts to some menu items. It just simulates the keypresses you would normally do, so it has to press ESC, wait for the main menu to come up -> press additional keys. That waiting is just a normal pause for x milliseconds, so you may need to adjust it in dinput8.ini if its not entering the second menu.
If you changed your ingame inventory hotkey, you need to set the same one in dinput8.ini for save hotkey to work.

Menu hotkeys: F5 = save, M = map, J = journal/quests, U = equipment, K = status, Num5 = hide/show ingame clock (see below)
Hotkey to change in-game time: Num4/Num6 = substract/add a minute, Num2/Num8 = substract/add an hour

In-game tweaking (so far just item editor)
Draws an additional window in-game, which allows you to modify some stuff.
Needs d3d9 hooks and hotkeys enabled (see dinput8.ini).
Press ~ or ; (the key left of 1, under Esc) to activate/deactivate. You can change the key in hotkeys (see above).

Use mostly your mouse to operate it. Keypresses gets handled by the game too, so when you edit a value and press enter, it gets pressed in game too, so you may accidentally do some stuff you didnt intend to. Not much i can do about it.
In-game clock settings - !!doesn't actually save what you change in dinput8.ini!!
Highlighted item editor - save your game (preferrably with backups turned on) before going crazy with this thing...
Player/MainPawn stats/vocations/inclinations + gold/rc/dcp
Affinity - allows you to change affinity of the last person you talked to

Disable auto cam
 - prevents camera from autocorrecting when moving around with sheathed weapon
 - can be useful for keyboard+mouse

Extend vertical cam 
 - extends the vertical range you can view with the camera
 - works with bows too

Character customization screen
Allows you to enter the character customization screen at any time.
It replaces the Manual menu (the one on the very first screen).
You need to enter it with keyboard (press enter), doesn't work with mouse.

In-game clock
Displays in-game time, should work with enb, maybe not with steam overlay etc.
You need to enable it in dinput8.ini.
You can also change the font/size/color/position/outlining and how often it's updated.

An option to reduce your total weight, so you can carry more stuff.
An option to force the "casual" run/walk animation used inside of towns to be used outside of towns as well (instead of the cautious one).
(it also removes the stamina drain while running)

Customizing game time speed - allows you to slow down game time speed or make it go faster
Share weapon skills - allows you to use all learnt weapon skills, ignoring your current vocation
Ignore equip vocation - you can equip anything, ignoring vocation restriction
Ignore skill vocation - allows you to learn any skill regardless of your vocation

See dinput8.ini.



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