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Bandit Ring or Neklace


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Is it possible to create a mod where you can wear a ring or neklace and be welcomed by Bandits? Playing with a female character with tdf prostitution and was wondering why she can't shop her wears at bandit camps? To me it would more logical to do this because of all the guards saying how illegal it is to prostitue yourself. Would be nice to throw on a "bandit ring" and have become legend in those camps.

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You can add her to the "Bandit Ally Faction".


yeah thru console right? just wish there was a ring or something you'd put on and be friendly with them on a temp basis. without that console hassel.



Check out the mod someone was able to archive here... http://www.loverslab.com/topic/52772-does-anyone-have-master-of-disguise/


What I would suggest, having used it, is set the bracers or shoes setting to 100% and then in Sexlab have them not removed during sex.


The other would be finding a way to have a ring or necklace add you to the bandit faction, I am not sure if there is something for every supported slot for each faction or not.


When you walk into a bandit hideout rigged in furs and in the bandit faction, you're fine... until you strip down and have fun, then you're out of the faction and they all jump you.


Edit: PS the mod puts you in the actual faction, not the ally faction, so guards will attack you while wearing furs, stormcloak armor will have imperials attack you, and some of the epic items are daedric, and vigilants will attack you.

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Spent the day lookin' into this, and those mods you guys posted look promising. Imma download and see wat happens. Also was doing some googling and came across a mod called "Faction Amulets", see if it's wat i lookin' for. tyvm guys, gonna get to work on these mods and see which one intergrates well with my play thru. thx again.


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