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Crowds during sexout animations


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 Nothing that won't annoy you to death if it actually works at all. Sexout Crowds

breaks after awhile, almost like the esp gets corrupted, since I've only been able

to fix it by re-downloading and reinstalling it.


 Unethical Deeds has a crowds feature too, which seems a bit more reliable. The

problem with 'crowd control' is when the NPC's go into 'crazy ant' mode, and start

crisscrossing back and forth through the middle of the sex action, standing in the

middle of the sex action etc. I've had thoughts flash through my head of somehow

reaching into the screen, grabbing NPCs and smashing them into a bloody paste

when they start doing that shit.


 Your best bet might be to create a simple mod and give the NPCs a really minimal AI

package or maybe create a custom navmesh for them to temper their wandering ways.

 Scripting a scene would be more reliable, I think.

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Yes.. I agree with panthercom. Have your characters move to locations where you choose and then have them do the animations that you desire. This way you are sure they are doing what they are suppose to be doing..


Yes. This sucks since you are doing it for a movie you want but it is the best way that someone isn't going to walk in off scene and spoil the shot.

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I am not a mod maker, so I am out of luck so far creating my own. Where is the crowd part in unethical deeds, since I have that installed.


Sexoutcrowdsb is I not doing anything. I had it installed on about a year ago, and it worked then, except for the wall overs, and npc's were not released after using it a bit, so I would deactivate it, load and save then reactivate it when I needed it again. But all my old files, game saved and captures were lost. Just starting up again.

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