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AnT - AnimTool (New Vegas) 1.5 AB Re-Up (03/07/17)

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11/06: Added an alternative version (it's just an update, main package is required).
It adds a new option in MCM that allows to bind a new hotkey (Emergency Key). When this key is pressed in game, it will remove AnT key binding on the numpad, and when pressed again it will re-enable it of course.
This was made because a user made me notice that other mods can use the numpad (i.e. SO Positioning) and there are not so many practical keys to bind on the keyboard.


03/01/15: Added 2 gorgeous themes for a total of 6, thank you Viktoria


AnimTool (AnT) - Ver. 1.5 AB Re-Up
Some days ago I started again working on animations and I did this simple tool to try them in game. Then I found that could have been a nice tool for other people too, so here it is.
Basically, it allows you to invoke an animation after you chosed it from a menu, on you or on a target (NPC or Creature)
Everything works in GameMode (realtime), because I can't suffer MenuModes. Actually it contains around 300 animations divided in 8 categories.
Keys and other stuff are configurable via MCM.
In future, I still intend to change things, like the default key, the list etc.etc. concerning the needs. Also I hope to *find* soon of some function to write and read a file, it would be pretty useful.


Machinima, screenshots, testing animations. When I play, I use it for RP (RolePlay: it won't be a karma counter that tells me how good I am... I want to blow kisses to other NPCs. Or taunt them, in case I feel mean. Or drink from a bottle. Or eat something. Etc.etc.).
So, the main purpose is strictly related to animations. But also I wanted to give the possibility to make custom lists of animations. Basically, if you have some animations and you would like to release them, but you miss a way to invoke them and don't like scripting, you follow a procedure I described inside a pdf and then you re-package everything and re-distribute it.
The actual limit, in terms of numbers of animations, is 9 categories of 50 animations = 450 animations, + 1 category reserved for AO (=50 AOs)


How to use it
Please watch the video here, until the end:



- Requires last NVSE
- JIP NVSE. You can find it here
- JIP UIO is mandatory now, it's pretty stable and works very well. You can find it here JazzIsParis' UIO
After that, download the Main package v15 AB.zip, unpack it inside your data folder (or use FOMM), activate AnT.esp in your load order. Done.
Inside the package there are further instructions in case you have troubles.


- Create your own animation package (GECK is optional)
Download the file "Optional - Custom Anims package" and follow the instructions included in the file


NOTE ABOUT LOAD ORDER: the esp doesn't require a specific position, however it contains a dirty edit that should solve some problems with mods that prevent animations to play (i.e. some pose packs). So, if you put AnT.esp lower in your load order, it should "clean" that issue.


Script itself shouldn't have incompatibilities, except pretty absurd cases i.e. you prolly can't open the menu while you are sprinting with some sprint mod or PN... :P
But for what concerns huds, they are a delicate beast to handle, that's why I suggest UIO which should tame the beast for you.


- Darn UI changes the fonts. So the strings won't be perfectly formatted. Still, it's perfectly usable, just a bit more ugly.
- Due to no answer from Gopher, I can't provide explicit compatibility with uHud. However, you can still make a manual install of this after you installed uHud and it should work. Don't forget that if you re-activate uHud, it probably will revert the changes you made manually, so you'll have to re-do them




This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only.


However, from this free permission are EXCLUDED any asset I could list down here:
- antCat6Anim48.kf and antCat6Anim49.kf
Credits and love
hlp, JazzIsParis, luthienanarion, Odessa, prideslayer, doctasax, tomm434, Umpa, Xilandro

What's New in Version 1.5 AB Re-Up (03/07/17)


  • 1 PS - Uploaded.
  • ... then reuploaded with better install instructions...
  • ... then again, changed install instructions... hope the installation is easier now, in this way.
  • 1.1 PS (14/12/14)
  • Correction on xml
  • 1.2IHIS (17/12/14)
  • Correction of a typo I introduced in the last update (silly me)
  • In the download, this file is called Main Package.zip
  • 1.3 NT (03/01/15)
  • Corrected issue with graphic interface, added 2 themes
  • In the download, this file is called Main Package v13 NT.zip
  • 1.5 AB (15/02/15)
  • Important script update, requires clean save
  • 1.5 Alternative version (11/06)
  • An alternative ESP to overwrite the original in the main package. It adds a new option in MCM that allows to bind a new hotkey (Emergency Key) that enables/disables AnT key binding on the numpad.
  • 1.5 ReUp: changed requisites (JIP NVSE)

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