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Animation conversion?


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Firstly a heads up, I'm not very clever with tech stuff so if what I'm about to say clearly makes no sense then please don't rage at me


My thoughts were, There's already tonnes of animations for Skyrim, human and beast (my fnis says something like 300+) and I'm presuming the engine fallout 4 runs on is fairly similar to skyrims, so when the creation kit is released I'm guessing we'd be able to port them over or something like that? re-rig them to the newer models it could potentially saves hours of work for like the framework mods, with adding a bunch of human anims and i imagine stuff like the wolves in skyrim would have a similar rig to dogmeat?

Either way Im just asking if this makes sense or not, and if it could be done because i think fallout 4 could be amazing with the whole settlements thing, like recruiting girls to be fucked by the guys as like 'stress relief' or something or to increase population, and all the different wildlife that could take advantage of a confused girl who just got out a vault and doesn't know whats going on

oh and estrus, if that could be put across too, with the whole radiation thing it can be added to water or plants, and it can either be particular plants that trigger it or a random chance


Again I don't know whether any of that is possible or it would take ages to do, also sorry if this is in the wrong section or difficult to read

If anyone is willing to teach me how to do these things that would help because then i could work on it when creation kit comes out rather than just think about it and come up with ideas.

Thank you for reading my weird rambling


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This is not yet possible.


First a tool like FNIS has to be developed for Fallout 4 (somebody is doing it.)


Second the actual format of the animation is not exactly the same as the one for Skyrim, so you cannot simply copy the files.

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So? If a modder can create a program to edit behavior files, then Bethesda can create a program to edit behavior files.


Sure. And they created their own behavior files.


The problem will be "merging" the behavior files from different mods.


I can cross my fingers, but I am not confident that somebody there found the missing brains.

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Well, I said "possible", not "likely". :P A smart developer would have created the new file format in an extendable manner, so that a mod could supply its own behavior file and the game would merge them together at startup, but I could go on and on about what a smart developer would have done differently in Fallout 4. Really, Bethesda's continuing insistence on moving more and more information outside of the plugin files baffles me. I don't understand why anything other than assets ever needs to be loose.

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While topic is old I'll put my two cents for record.


In my case "merging" was the reason why I abandoned several behavior projects on my side. Yet I did quite a big research of how to overcome that barrier. And.. in fact it IS possible to make such "merging", but through "versioning" (if I remember this word right).


Yet "versioning graphs" is not like "versioning texts" unfortunately. Found a very scientific description of algorithms of how to do this and also looked into the HKX loader sources, those are well prepared and make the things "a lot easier".


So my conclusion is:

  1. Making behavior versioning IS very realistic; IF
  2. One have a ton of time; AND
  3. One is smart enough to grind algorithms list and convert it into stable code; AND
  4. One got a ton of financial support for the time of development


  1. This likely won't be created by an individual
  2. This likely be a commercial project, created by Bethesda for example
  3. Best candidate for developing such functionality - the one who created "Havok Behavior". This is the only one who knows all possible nodes, containers and etc sh*** ever possible in the behavior files.


  1. Bethesda is not guilty, they just don't know how to do this.
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