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Search and Request Thread for FO4 Adult Mods

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Please put your mod the following here:


1. Searches for mods or features.

2. Requests to avoid burying actual mods to the bottom of the pile or creating new posts for mods already requested.



Please bear in mind, a lot of mods can't be done yet till GECK is released, and a lot of modders are still learning how the changes in FO4 work and will be busy for at least 6-24 months doing the mods they want.

And unless you are too old to learn new tricks or physically incapable, there's no reason most people can't learn how to do the mods they want themselves as the person with the idea often has the highest motivation to get the result they want.

Post questions in the Tech support section, other modders will help if they see you are trying :)

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I'll start with mine, I'd like to see feminine power armor mesh similar to Bubble Gum Crisis created with removable torso plate/plates that leave the frame exposing the crotch and breasts. I'm so sick of the game power armor that looks like I'm wearing a refrigerator :P

We could then script the plates to be lockable or removed by damage or have devious replacement plates for forcing the wearers submission.

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I've Already partly started this with the Topic: Alternate Races - ideas and Lore.


But have not out right stated a request for this, I'd like to see mod that adds a fox tail and ears to my character.


Similar to the Matera race in Skyrim. I'm already fully aware this might not be possible until the CK comes out, but I'd like to hear what can be done up to the point the CK comes out. just means I have something to look forward to in 2016.


But There are things that could be done before this, Facial markings / scars like whiskers (three on each cheek) and an eye replacement for stilted pupils; Both are texture changes which should be possible.


Mods Mentioned



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One thing i would love to see in Fallout 4,,the gals from Daughters of Ares,they would surely make a nice addition to the game,if not replace synths altogether,so i would beg for a revival of this mod,or the creation of something similar at least.

Another thing that came to my mind were anthrofied deathclaws as a playable race,cause why not?

and yes i'm leaving out mods like pregnancy,bondage and slavery on purpose,as they are obvious enough

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additional races (fev experiments are still a thing, so there is grounds for explaining them)


a devious devices type mod (or collection of mods)


a mod that will allow you to re-purpose vault 111 using the settlement system (likely with additional adult content)


"improved" power armor allowing for more....interesting possabilities


an actual slavers faction, and a headquarters like f3's paradise falls


this one isn't adult, but a robot follower that is essentially a mobile settlement workbench, allowing you to build wherever you damn well please

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Sex mini-games for your pip-boy.


Sex mini-game itself that involves the rapist and victim struggling to become the dominant one at the end during sex using various sex positions where the more dominant partner forces the other to cum several times until they give up.  The victor would receive buff(s) while the loser would receive debuff(s) and possibly became the victor's sex-slave.


Bang-able assaultrons cuz KLEO and PAM.  All assaultrons with working vagina and anal that you can bang.  Also, they themselves or you can install a mechanical double sided dildo into one of the assaultrons vagina or anal, which would allow you to ride it or have it bang you.


Power armors with full functioning artificial male or female genital parts that are connected to pilot's actual genitals via flesh light for male/futa pilots and dildo(s) for female/futa pilots.  The power armor's artificial penis would shoot actual semen upon ejaculation by transferring the male or futa pilot's semen through flesh light and out of the power armor's artificial penis. While the artificial vagina would lubricate if self to minimize wear and tear from possible extreme thrusting, especially during rape scenarios.  The artificial genitals would have special sensors that if should the penis get squeeze and stroke or when the vagina gets penetrated with each thrust, the pilots themselves would feel the exact same sensation and pleasure as if they would with no power armor on. And also have feminine looking power armors for the ones with artificial vaginas or penises for futa pilots.


And lastly, you would be able to find and repair Gen 1 Synths.  As well as reprogram them to be your own personal sex toys or sell/rent them to others as soon as you are able to obtain certain perks in a certain rank.  In terms of finding Gen 1 Synths, you can retrieve damaged Gen 1 Synths after defeating them in battle or randomly finding them laying around unpowered. And during the process of repairing them you would be able to give them a normal male body plus full working male genitals.  Or you can give them a whole new female body with full working female genitals with an optional choice of adding a penis for futa plus female voice(s).



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On the fisrt page I think we better post some mods we NEED instead of those mods I "want", as following



1, Skeleton nodes scaling framework



This framework I think is a combine of "Nioveride" and "C.A.N.S" from skyrim. It should have these fuctions:


(1) Treat every NPC and PC's skeleton nodes in a fast and efficient way.


(2) Record every mods' require of skeleton nodes, like bigger breasts, bigger belly, higher person and longer leg. Especially the vanilla setting.


(3) Some ways to treat the difference require from different mods of one nodes (from simple product/sum/average to sqrt of the quadratic sum).



So with this framework, ALL of the milk mods/preg mods and even high heel mods will be easier to made



In addtion, I think handling bodymorph will also be a part of this framework

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Not so long ago something like this was mentioned on a skyrim thread and I think it would be awesome for fallout too:

-A fanatic of the new vault dweller is obsessed with PC so bad that it follows her and wants to catch and rape her.


-The tricky part is that the controls upon a certain event should be switched so our protagonist would become a hunted npc.


-When you have control over the persuer you would be given special tools to catch the vault dweller like an injection, stun gun, chloroform, etc.


 1 If the persuer succeds it will have its way with PC then everything resets until next assault.


 2 If it fails, then the next time it will try better methods like using stun gun, instead of sneaking up with chloroform.

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I don't know if this idea has come up but I think it'd be cool to incorporate the "intimidate" perk and add  extra commands and animations. So instead of pacifying a raider and getting them to attack/use etc you can command them to pleasure you. You could even have an experience tree in which after forcing someone you've pacified to have sex with you a certain number of times they beg/ask to be able to follow you.

All this being said i have no idea how mods work so I just have an idea, I have no idea how easy/Hard this could be, just an idea that popped up when I pacified my first raider

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tame or raise deathclaws to make them loyal and protect your settlements using sex as a reward, assign female npc's to the deathclaw to have sex with at random times of the day, the more lady's you assign to the death claw, the more loyal he becomes, not assign enough and he becomes sexually frustrated and rapes settlers till he is satisfied resulting in a loss of settlment happiness, if he goes on rape rampages after X amount of times, the settlers will put him down.


breed dog meat with junk yard dogs that the traveling guy sells (he always calls them girl) and raise the pups and train them to fuck women then travel the wasteland selling the dogs to settlers and NPCs, demonstrate to the reluctant girls how much fun they could be having.


become a pornstar! film your various acts of debauchery and sell your videos across the wasteland, give live shows, receive requests and get contracted for having sex with various creatures. 

Advertise- just starting out in the porn industry? offer to have sex with someone right then and there to give a live show and then hand out holo tapes to increase your rep

recruit- convince other girls to join the industry, but as their manager, you get a cut for whatever they make for setting them up with shows.

requests ex. A client has paid a lot of money up front of a recording of you getting gangbanged by supermutants

A client wants a live show of you fucking a dog, he is willing to travel to a destination of you choosing and will accept what ever we ask for payment


brothels/stripclubs/animal shows have already been covered, may edit more detail in the future for this


reprogram various robots into fuck machines/scrap syth 1 robots and rebuild them into highly articulate fuck machines and sell them through out the wasteland


highly detailed indepth romance option for dog meat including arousal state, dialog (would be rather one sided and reply on animations on dog meats part) and animations for arousing him, petting him, rewarding him, teasing him etc


pregnancy mod called- Lets try this again! get impregnated by someone and raise another child and get the full on parent experience, and when the child reaches the ages of 18 and is considered an adult...FUCK THEM


another sexlab solutions for fallout 4 cuz that mod was awesome


slavery mod-get enslaved and enslave raiders to work as cum whores in your settlements, get some use out of those raiders for once!


the memory den opens up a lot of options for lore breaking content, maybe we can see some fantasy creatures used here from the grognak the barbarian comics ie skyrim critters


syth animals! a female scientist is trying to bring back pre war animals using DNA extracted from bones she's found, animals were first mechanical and robitc but as syth 3's were created, she was able to create true clones of pre war animals, she was currently working on a horse but after caught sucking off the test subject, the director shut down her project and she is wishing to continue her research, (this can be done during the "institutionalized" where you meet all the department heads and recruit her during this so you can still get the good ending where at least the BOS, railroad, and minutemen are all on good terms) you recruit her and bring her to one of your settlements (heres to hoping for vault settlements some day!) and get all the nessecary components she needs to begin research again. I think this is a very lore friendly way to introduce creatures that aren't so....moldy looking, also you could add in a robotic horse that can't die for a mount :)


be a male character but still get to enjoy the bestiality aspect of the mods through your sexual partners- example would be you return to red rocket gas station and see cait getting fucked by dog meat, she's embarassed but you tell her you enjoyed what you saw and can now request a show whenever you like. something I would have liked to see in skyrim was to request kinky sexual acts from your spouse like "i want to watch get fucked by a dog!" or " I wanna watch you get gangbanged by a group of big cocked orcs!" I'd like to see something like that for fallout 4. at first the wife would freak out and out right say no, but if you get her horny enough or have a high enough charisma and ask her again, she'll reluctantly agree to try it, and the more she does it, the more she likes it using a sort of "kinky" meter and will begin actually asking you if you want to do those things again "I wanna get fucked by a dog again" or "hey, its been awhile since the last time we played with that deathclaw, shall we go find him?"


take out the AI programming in a sentry bot and put in a seat and drive it around like a damn tank.


I'll put money on your wife/husband still being alive in a future DLC, she was shot in a non fatal area and was frozen immediately after being shot, so maybe a way of introducing multiple spouses.


programmable 3rd generation synths that you control with your pipboy to use as live sex toys for your settlers


better futa integration theres alotta radiation out in the world and it will obviously have some affects on the male and female genders, maybe a way to recognize them with alternate clothing to show they're futa, would love to see a 7B bombshell body in a skin tight vault suit with a big ole bulge running down the side of her leg. or she's just fully unzipped and its just flopping in the wind  :)


Vault tech decided to try an experiment with a society devoid completely of males and made a vault that consisted of only women and genetically modified women to have both male and female genitalia and can't produce male offspring. the experiment was a resounding success and the vault has flourished these 210 years, you find the entrance and try to get in to find out what you can salvage to find a thriving vault society, as a woman your happily accepted into the society and teach them about the outside world, but as a male, your the center of attention and interest of every girl in the vault and they all want a piece of you (do you keep this harem all to yourself and warn them to never leave the vault? or do you tell them the truth and let loose a wave of futas into the world and introduce this wonderful new gender into the gene pool and recruit as many as you want for your settlements)



a way to let your son die in peace without him thinking you've destroyed humanity's last hope...THEN BLOW IT ALL TO HELL after he has passed on.

a way to warn the institute of the attack from the other 3 factions, and tell them you can't stop it, all the scientists evacuate to a secondary location, their lab still gets blown up, but the          scientists are still alive to create again.

a way to transfers shauns mind into a syth 3 body for sexy times




that's all I can think of for now

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It'll probably be added eventually even without me asking, but I'll go ahead and suggest more fully integrated and contextualized companion romance/sex. For example:


- Make all companions romance-able. Obvious.


- Change the romance speech checks from solely using Charisma. I could definitely see Curie being wooed by your high Intellect or Cait by your high Strength. Would your stats even matter to some of the non-human characters like Strong?


- Alternative ways to win romantic partner status outside of speech checks that are relevant to their personalities. Pick plants and give them to Curie to analyze! Donate hundreds of caps to MacCready! Kill hordes of muties and synths with Danse!


- Integrating sex into normal gameplay. The way I would like to see it would be something like this: after hitting 1000 favor with your companion (current max), you can continue to gain favor and hit a 'sex threshold' every certain amount of favor gained (say 100 or so). At the sex threshold, your companion basically tells you 'I'm super horny' and gives you the option to do it right there or wait until later. Ideally it would be nice to progress to different kinds of sex acts at each favor threshold, like progressing from oral to vaginal to anal to kinky bondage sex. That'd probably be a lot of work though.


- The sex part of the mod respects the context of where you are and the objects around you--if you're inside, you can fuck on top of a table; outside and you can do it up against a tree; try and hide (or maybe not) from onlookers in Diamond City. Plenty of room for creativity there!


- Each companion has a sexual personality to match their normal personality. Cait is wild. Curie is eager but naive. Piper is a romantic. Danse is super shy and inexperienced (okay, I realize that isn't part of his normal personality but it is my fetish). Strong is a sadist (if he can even fuck, what with being a mutant). etc.

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The obvious one of a Devious Devices for FO4. But heres one that could be done now, a Vibrator, nothing fancy and scripted, just a vibrator item you can equip and see, thats all. We can already add items to the game so somthing really simple like that should be easily possible if somebody makes a mesh for it.

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A way to use sex as a solution to violence in various situations would be great, both generically & specifically.


Something akin to Lover's Bed would also work wonders in settlements.


Animal Friend/Wasteland Whisperer/Intimidate could all be tweaked to lead to sex. Like, say, once out of combat, a charmed combatant either requests or forces sex, maybe depending on the level of the perk.


I'm looking forward to the sluttier implications of piecemeal outfits.

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I'll start with mine, I'd like to see feminine power armor mesh similar to Bubble Gum Crisis created with removable torso plate/plates that leave the frame exposing the crotch and breasts. I'm so sick of the game power armor that looks like I'm wearing a refrigerator :P

We could then script the plates to be lockable or removed by damage or have devious replacement plates for forcing the wearers submission.


Cool, post them up here when you are done


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I'll start with mine, I'd like to see feminine power armor mesh similar to Bubble Gum Crisis created with removable torso plate/plates that leave the frame exposing the crotch and breasts. I'm so sick of the game power armor that looks like I'm wearing a refrigerator :P

We could then script the plates to be lockable or removed by damage or have devious replacement plates for forcing the wearers submission.


Cool, post them up here when you are done


I'll more likely make a complete download and thread for it :)
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I kinda hate that my first post on this forum is gonna be in the request section, because I don't like being that person, but I had an idea that I thought might be neat.  I was thinking when you find Kellogg, and you be a sarcastic bitch, and basically tell him you're going to wreck his dick... and then you fail to do so.. maybe he could enslave you, and if you happen to have a female companion with you, her as well?  I don't know how difficult that would be, and I'm not entirely sure how it would affect the main story.  Maybe make a new quest, and have it be either you give up on the main quest and become a permanent slave of his until you can escape.  Or have the main quest be put on hold, and you have to bide your time til you can get away, or get the upper hand and kill him later on.  Like I said, I don't know how hard that would be to pull off, just thought it might be a neat idea.  And I know this is something that wouldn't be do-able until the CK comes out, so I'm not trying to say get on it RIGHT NOW.  Just thought I'd toss an idea in the bowl, and see what people think.

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