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[idea of mod] some idea of adult and non adult mod


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I don't know how to make an mod but i have idea, here is some one :




have you marriage on the primarbor grove with an quest where you must :

1-chose an mara priest for the ceremony

2-buy wedding dress/clothes

3-buy some food/wine/beer on a store

4-invite guest (don't forgot friend and family of the both side)


4,5-optional-first night: if pc female for sombrage go fuck ulfric / for impérial go fuck tulius / if female and not warside go fuck balgruuf , if ulfric / tulius / balgruuf not satisfact go fuck number preset of guard on basement


5-go to the ceremony with your future spouse

6-assit to the wedding

7-enjoy the party (banquet)

8-end ceremony

9-honeymoon near primarbor


[true honeymoon]


there is nice many place is skyrim why directly go home ? maybe one island are spécialize for it or maybe the lover stone gona be a good place or else. need a quest for that!


[war city assault]


if pc female before attak an city you must distract the men

if pc male recuit whore for the distraction


[become thane]


one request more to be thane is fuck the jarl 1 night


[dead alternative]


saved by paarthurnax : if defaite by dragon or geant you can be saved by paarthurnax but he need you for sex


enslaved by alduin : if defaite by named dragon alduin come for you and let you (sex) and let you on an crypt if you want escape you must fuck draugr


[adult random encounters]


1-two or three bandit who trying to rape one woman (stranger who need your help) / you if female pc with one deviouse device trap


2-one vampire and his dead dog / gargoyle comming for you (same than 1 but for dawngard)


3-one seeker (same than 1 but for dragonborn)


[for thane your jarl need you]


why the thane have no work to do for his jarl, maybe he need one whore for him or his guard / houscarl

Maybe he want you to teach sex to his child (not insect you fuck one guard or the jarl himself)


[random encounters quest]


an mystérious greybarb appairs in front of you on the road and try to kill you if you not going to kill one dragon who follow him from future he explain you some dragon rebel to pathuurnax are trying to come in your time line to help alduin after kill the dragon if you kill him you must go to an time portal with him kill 1 or 2 dragon who protect the portal and lock the portal on you side he do it on the other side.


[non adult random encounters]


1-a beggar are running if you talk to him he indicate you one random jarl quest (kill bandit or geant ...)


2-their is one caravane who was attaqued by a near bandit camp are you going to save them and bring back their possession ?


3-one wood elf was killed by talmor, kill them back and his ghost give you and 8 hours vitality buff


4-Some ghost is attacking one merchant but is the merchant the victim ? introduction to full rp encounter


5-two noble is crying on themself they see you and demande you help too help them for an equal share


6-one miner is running on the road with on gard behind him are you going to stop the miner or the gard (the char you chosse to stop is attacking you if miner alive he give you 3 lingot of random metal if gard he give you 100 gold)



More idea to come...

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I believe I read somewhere that marriage is pretty much hard-wired into the game. Given by the fact, that there is no vanilla divorce, and that you can't marry beast races by default, it might get hard to completely rework the marriage into the shape you described.


Besides that, the general advice: it's better to create something on your own and ask for help solving certain problems. Just consider that there are a thousand people reading on LL every day, and every one has his or her one version of what mods the game needs.

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effectivelly i think the mariage mod i one of the best idea i write here but actually i work on an non_adult house after the house if no one else try the mariage i gona try it myself but i someone want take it he/she can like the other idea (i juste don't have enought time to make all this idea) it just for an exchange of idea with the communauty here but thank for your answers it give me the desire to persevering ^^'

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