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Skyrim crashing after I added MODS


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 I just added a bunch of mods to enhance my male characters. Now skyrim crashes right after the first page of opening. I've been making sure everything is upgraded and such. What am I missing?

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First off, it's generally not good idea to install a lot of mods at once. Install one mod at a time, yes it's very tedious, so that way you can pinpoint any mod incompatibilities without having to try and figure it out later.


Skyrim crashes right after the first page of opening? Is it crashing just after the Bethesda logo, or when you try and load up a save?

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If it is crashing at the beth logo it is a missing master or a master is below the thing that needs it above it in the load order. Download LOOT it is for load order sorting then download TES5EDIT unzip it and run the .exe that is in it. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859/?It will start to load everything that you have installed into it if it hits a error in your load order it will stop and tell you why in the bottom right hand area read it fix it close TES5EDIT and repeat starting it till it is able to load up everything without hitting anymore errors then try you game again.

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My SKyrim crashes too many many times, but Expired told me "This only happen when you use Mods, which use other mods to run, read the description of every Mod yu download and use!"

And since then i had never anymore Problems with CTD's on starting skyrim.

IF this is your Problem and it sounds like it is, then do the following..

If you use a Mod Manager like Nexus Mod Manager, then install your mod or Mods.
1. In the activation List of your Mod Manager there you klick on the mods you've installed.

2. then look if the mod needs another mod Pre-Loaded like.. you use "Mod_1" and then klick in this list on "Mod_1", and then it shows you that "Mod_1" needs the following: Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, ZazAnimationPack.esm, KhajjiLikesYou.esm"

3. If one of this Mods: Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, ZazAnimationPack.esm, KhajjiLikesYou.esm, is loaded AFTER the current marked mod, then skyrim crahses on startup.

4. Make sure everytime you use a Mod, it has the "Needed/Rec." Mods, to run this Plugin loaded Before, and not afterwards.

5. If you miss a Mod and then go and download the mod.

- Khajji :)

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