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  1. The Load Game CTD Fix doesn't always work on the first try. You sometimes have to try 2-3 times before the game will load.
  2. As far as I know, if the NPC does not have any other valid AI packages (determined by conditions, day, hours, and duration of the package), then they will continue to run the last valid package until another one becomes valid.
  3. Your skeleton is getting overwritten. XPMSE needs to be loading after SOS. Unless specifically stated otherwise by a certain mod(s), nothing should overwrite your skeleton. Period.
  4. I personally use the script from Bethesda on some custom summonable creatures to prevent hostility if they're accidentally hit a few times and it works perfectly. They never turn hostile, no matter how many times I hit them. The script is tiny and very light. Without scripts, you can setup an AI package that will prevent an NPC from fighting. In fact, there are several ways you can do this. 1. Combat override package: This will cause the NPC to execute a package or packages instead of fight when entering combat, so long as the package(s) is valid. It's a little more complicated to set
  5. Actually you can do this fairly easily. It does require a script but such a script already exists in the vanilla game, all you have to do is attach it to the actor. The script name is: defaultIgnoreFriendlyHits Just go the actor, select add in the script section, find and select the script then click OK and you're done. The actor will never turn hostile towards friends. Of course, if the actor isn't a friend, then this probably won't work but I've never tried using it on actors who weren't friends with the player so I can't say for sure. I can say that it does work on friends, as I've con
  6. You're going over the max plugin limit. Skyrim can only load 255 plugins at a time (0-254).
  7. You might try asking Leito for animation help. Also, you mentioned "replacing" an existing animation. I'd recommend adding a new animation instead of replacing a vanilla one, as it could cause some issues for other mods that use and expect HugA animation to be vanilla. But, that's just my recommendation.
  8. Why is your papyrus log enabled? Unless you're testing scripts for your own mod or for someone else's, your logs should NEVER be on. It does nothing but hurt performance.
  9. So you have MME set up as a quest property? If so, then that's probably why this isn't working. It needs to be pointing to the script. Example: SexLabFramework Property SexLab Auto SexLabFramework is the script name, not the quest name. So, you'd need to declare a variable pointing to the script attached to MME_MilkQuest that you want, not the quest itself: ScriptName Property MME Auto When filling the property it'll show the quest name, and that is correct. Also, where is the variable you're setting and using? If you're trying to set and use variables from dialogue fr
  10. If you already have a property pointing to MME_MilkQuest, then all you need to do is: Declare a conditional variable in your script that you will select in your dialogue conditions: Bool Property variablename Auto Conditional Get the info from MME_MilkQuest when needed: variablename = MME.IsPregnant(akTargetActor) Make sure your script is set as conditional, otherwise using the conditions to get script variables won't work.
  11. You'd need to have as a conditional variable to use it in GetVMQuestVariable and GetVMScriptVariable conditions for dialogue.
  12. But Vex is Awesome And btw about thief guild quest, you can apply your statement to the whole game... Skyrim is poorly written(like every Bethesda game since a decade) from the begining to the end, some quest manage to be a bit smart but its drowned by the whole manichaen casual kiddy fantasy... hopefully people don't keep playing Skyrim for that and the mod community created some good sidequest. Amorous adventure who is a funny Don Juan caricature could totaly be in the game for exemple (im not saying that Fox isn't inspired or not talented hu) Follow the link I posted, read through
  13. Frea has a decent number of lines for being a unique voice, but nothing compared some of the non-unique voices like YoungEager or Commander (or even Serana). But, most of her usable dialogue (non-combat) is about one of three things: the Skaal, Miraak, or her father. It's definitely possible to create new dialogue with her existing lines, but would be difficult to do in any sort of large number in good, mostly-natural sounding quality. In the next update for RDO I've added a few extra lines for Frea. Nothing major, but just a few to get started. I've been mainly working on the mini
  14. Just friend (1), like similar quests in the vanilla game. I wasn't really aiming for a romance quest, just something that allows her to be married without using the console or benefits from other mods. It's not a very long quest (just a simple Misc quest), but I just wanted something that would fit her "shady" merchant dealings. There aren't any other similar quests like Grelka's in RDO at this time. I'm currently working on another small quest for a specific NPC, who's name and quest synopsis is in the spoiler below:
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