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Ultimate 3rd Person camera and Universal Skeleton ....


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You don't need to make them work together. They just work together.


One annoyance of U3P though, is that its crosshair is fucked up and might fuck up some animations too. You have somewhat (but not entirely) better choice than using U3P. You can instead use Enhanced First Person Camera and set it up to work similarly to U3P. It doesn't replace skeleton so it should be compatible with other mods. That is, if you prefer close combat you can live with U3P, but if you want to do ranged then Enhanced Camera will be better.

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So i can view my character in a gears of war type of view with Enhanced First Person Camera ? that would be cool.


Also the moment i replaced the U3P skeleton with the Universal one i had two extra hands on my body and first person mode (or U3P mode) didn't work, the camera was all wierd. Or do you by chance mean that U3P uses the universal skeleton ?

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Hmm,.. I don't know, I never used U3P for too long, so I might be wrong about that. I did not experience such weird extra hands issue or U3P mode not working issue. My current setup is with Enhanced Camera (sorry, I can't access my desktop right now, my .ini file is there). By the way, if you do have Enhanced Camera installed now, U3P will not work.


It's a bit difficult to describe... but you will see the problem of using Enchanced Camera mod for your purpose when you try it. It's quite simple to set up, but there is a problem, your character might look like as if floating in the air, not walking on the ground. On the other hand, crosshair is accurate, that was a huge plus for me. I also have modified my hud reticle .xml file to my liking so it uses U3P's crosshair icon and conforms to Darn UI well.

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Here, my enhanced camera ini.





; Enables a visible body when in first person


; Enables the head bob when in first person

; Note: This overrides the camera position and may not be as compatible with some animations


; Enables arms on the first person body when your weapons are sheathed


; Allows you to hide the shield on visible arms to prevent some camera clipping


; Enables first person during events where the game normally switches to third person




; Enables first person for mods that switch to third person to play animations


; Allows the camera to rotate during sitting/knockout animations


; Prevents the chase cam distance from being reset during forced third person animations


; Sets the minimum distance of the chase cam during forced third person animations


; Sets the maximum angle you can look down while sitting/horseback

; Valid values between 0 to 90, Game Default: 40



; Sets camera position relative to the head node

; fCameraPosX=0.0

; fCameraPosY=14.0

; fCameraPosZ=6.0




; Positions the camera during horse mount/dismount and vampire feed animations



; Moves the player up to prevent seeing underground when dead or knocked out


; Repositions the player during the vampire feed animation to prevent clipping



; Enables the head node to make hair visible when in first person


; Enables a visible body while riding a horse in first person


; Enables experimental third person arms when in first person







And my modified menu file that uses U3P icon. Basically this is a mix of Darn UI, ObXP, U3P reticle file.


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