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  1. Nice, at least there's, something to complement an evil playthrough, kind of wierd how i expected at least one non-adult suggestion, but its not like I'm complaining :P, Thank you all for the great help, if there's anything else feel free to add :).
  2. Thank you i will definitely take a look at them. Are their any necromancy or magic mods where you partake in magic experimentations on your victims? Or similar things?
  3. Hi i want to make an evil character playthrough and i was wondering if there are some mods that lets you do it immersive. I'm not really talking about aesthetic mods and house mods but something better thought out with implications and consequences. Experimentations as a mage, kidnapping, and other villanous acts that are properly implemented and don't feel hollow/shallow. Of course adult mods included.
  4. Hi, i want to replay oblivion and make a summoner like character. But I'm looking either for : - A mod that lets you give basic commands to your summons like: attack target, move to targeted location -or a summonable creature monster mod that contains set commands (target/move) Another mod that I'm looking for is one that doesn't make all the focus of the enemies be on the player (i know there's one for skyrim), basically if there's a bandit and a wolf and the player they automatically target the player, but with this mod they might fight among themselves or focus on my summon inst
  5. Hi i want for oblivion a 3rd person camera that its slightly raised so that the cursor isn't on the head of the character , and also doesn't break anything else....
  6. The number of packs that can work at the same time are limited, if you install all it will crash, not to mention that there are packs that modify the same thing... so its pretty counter productive.
  7. How do i add this to the game ?
  8. Hi i remember that there was this really good quality nun type outfit available for Skyrim but i can't remember where i found them... I think it was a jp site... Those anyone have any knowledge on it?
  9. Its a purple big breasted succubus armor, unfortunately I had it but i lost it... And i really loved that armor...
  10. 7 different heights ? No wonder i didn't find any results about this when i searched... Thank you, though i'll try that plugin then, originally i wanted to avoid it to keep things as simple as possible. PS: its not like i want to use it to much either but unfortunately some armor packs that caught my fancy rely on it .
  11. I'm asking because i was thinking in making my character's race smaller so that with VHH her height is 1 and it aligns properly with LAPF.
  12. Similar to putting poison apples, but the problem with that is that you have to clear everything of food in the cell for it to work, i want a sure way of killing with reverse pickpocket, i searched and couldn't find it...
  13. Now this may sound strange, but i'm wondering where it would be a good idea to put an armor with Amber level of stats, i sort of want it to be along the way of the main quests (including shivering isle) but i also don't want it to be accessible at low levels. The reason i ask is because i don't want to be spoiled, as weird as it may sound i never finished oblivion... Anyway if anyone has a good location in mind please share.
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