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Willy wiggle problem


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So I installed the SOS GRWorks HDT Willy Addon for some wiggly fun. However, the fun is somewhat restricted since the schlong wiggles like jelly which looks just bad. The mod author has this to say:



HDT 14 may not work correctly (jelly effect). In version 10, everything is fine.


which I translate as: "Duh, your problem, I won't do anything to repair it."


Since I have no idea how to get HDT 10: does anyone know how to fix it?


Also, size does matter cause the schlong starts in a microscopic size, and even size 20 is only half of what other schlongs get. And when my char exits a cell, the enlarged schlong either changes into a thin wiggly worm or a huge amorphous blob.


Help plz? :)

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