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All hail the new joker

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... Wonder Woman is now not an Amazon...


Wait, what?  The fuck?


Sooo, are they at some point going to get around to making He-Man She-Woman?  Just to be totally politically correct, you know.  Sigh.



Back OT, yeah, the new joker definitely lives up to his name.  A complete joke.

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I just don't read comics anymore or care about characters and their movies anymore. All the political crap shoved into comics is unacceptable and only shows just how dumb things are getting in society. Two people who were mad at each other used to be able to fight it out in public and be done with it but now we have all these crazy people killing each other over small arguments and people caught fighting are charged with terroristic threats and other made up shit.


What is the point of caring about comics and characters anymore? that stuff is incredibly boring and the market is over saturated with spiderman and batman crap anyway. When there is something mainstream and very popular, it is quickly defiled by politics and any resistance is labeled as hate speech.

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