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Help me figure stuff out?

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Hi. I'm new to modding as well as this site but I have watched a lot of videos and read a lot of post and I think i'm getting the hang of it quite well. I have quite a few mods installed and I'm using FNIS, SKYUI, Mod Organizer, and Loot and everything seems to load up and run just fine. But after playing for about 2-10 mins the game will just crash to desktop with no warning. I was wondering if anyone a little more experienced than me could help me out. If you need any info just tell me what and how. Thanks in advance.


List of mods I have installed. (and I think the load order... not sure...)


Ok. I added everything I could find with the word Papyrus in it. I also converted my mods to a text file attachment.
Edit: Added loadorder, modlist, and plugins.

MO mods.txt









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CTD after a few minutes, it can be scripts wise or graphics wise.

idk how ppl pinpoint those, but some 3rd party patcher is risky when you remove an esp that it depends.


FNIS me dk if its caused ctd, but me ever tried to save something after using HDTPE, uninstall HDTPE, then the save crashed for 2 minutes ingame too.


common suggestions for this kind of problem was to remove esp one by one until we know whats causing it.. or either use  SGSC to see if there's a scripts lying around  o-o

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