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What version to use?


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I downloaded the Blender 2.49b pack off of nexus since it seems to have everything I need to start editing a body replacer and making meshes for it.  After looking at posts in quite a few places (including here), I'm kind of lost on what needs updating with it.  What version of NifSkope and Pyffi  to use with it?  Blender scripts that are a must have.  Most posts I could find were dated a couple of years back and it's hard to know what has changed in that time.



I'm totally new to using anything but an older version of NifSkope, so any help is appreciated.


Blender is very frustrating for me to learn and the tutorials I've found here have helped me understand it better.  Thanks to all the people who wrote those.

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it is easyer to download the blender portable room 207 from nexus . it includs evrything to import export files.nif , pyton etc ...


than you grab Gerra 6 Tools for blender from Loverslab or from his own site


you can grab the latest nifskope  no probleme

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I also strongly suggest setting up Python versions 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 off of root of which ever drive you plan on setting up Blender and other tools on. Stay with all 32-bit or all 64-bit if you have a 64-bit O/S. Then briefly review Portable Python.

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Different things need different versions. Different versions of blender uses different versions of python gerra6's clothing converter mesh rigger and his other tools use python versions as well and other tools you might get might also use some python version. 

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If dial-up is crimping your style, and you're in the USA and have a laptop or tablet, check out local libraries. Quite a few now offer broadband access and WiFi, at speeds better than dial-up. It's what I often use when on the road for work as hotel internet access can be spotty and even down right abysmal.




And IMO, install a torrent client at some point too. It makes for DLing stuff much faster.


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You don't need that many python imo. 2.6 for blender 2.49b and pyffi 2k, 3.2 just to install pyffi 3k easily, 3.4 for being the latest version. Those 3 are enough. *Unless* you are into programming with python and planning to use a lot of non-standard modules.

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