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How do i get the skin on my character oily?

Duck Lick

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I've seen a lot of pictures of peoples characters with oily skin. I searched how to make it happen and i found two ways. The first one is the one where you have to use the enb shift enter gui. I tried doing that one but my laptop is too shitty to handle any type of enb so I couldn't get the chance to see the change in game. The second method was the one with nifskope. I tried doing that one but with no success. I changed the glossiness and the specular strength but didn't notice any change in the body. So, my real question is what am i doing wrong on the second method since the there is no chance that i will be doing the first one.

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Skyrim oblivion fallout NV maybe even fallout 3 haven't checked are all the same pretty much other then skyrim which has 2 nifs you have to modify instead of 1. All bodies may not gloss if the texture files do not have the layer that allows the body to look glossy/oily. Max glossiness float is 1000.0000 for all them.


If it is for skyrim you have to change the glossiness float in both the _0 and the_1 the max for glossiness float is 1000.0000. Another way is to use glosstech to gloss the texture files and then change the glossiness float to max for super oily look.


Oblivion has the manual way but there is also glossmax which can gloss whole body sets at one time just by dragging and dropping the nifs into it. It also works on any armor that has body parts in it and they have the skin name. 


Fallout NV same as the other 2.


Also are you using MO a person the other day was having the same problem trying to gloss the files. If you are maybe you have to move the files out of there or unzip your body mod into a new folder on your desktop then modify the meshes and then place them into your game folder.


Also are you modifying the correct ones custom races will generally have their own body files that are separate from the rest of the body files.




There are also some tutorials in the tutorial section for showing how to add the layer to the texture files.

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