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Help with body mods please...


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Hi guys,

I normally use CBBE but I'm not entirely sure how (pregnancy) scaling for belly and breasts for mods like More Nasty Critters works, I'm not sure if CBBE works with it. I use XPMS Extended skeleton if that helps.


I also saw recently in the Sexlab 1.60 development thread that animations will be aligned with Dimonized UNP body, but a few pages later that it would be with UNPB, which I guess is the Blessed body.


So my question is: what are the pros and cons of each type, how does body scaling work, and which body mod and textures would you guys recommend?


Thanks :)

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For any body to work with pregnancy the body you are using has to have a working belly node and you need a skeleton that has a belly node in it. The belly node will be named NPC belly. If a body doesn't have a belly node you can use mesh rigger and add it to a body which is what I did with the UNPCM body.


Each body I think scales differently some scale bigger while others don't get as big.

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CBBE supports all that just fine. All you have to do is install BodySlide and build the "CBBE Body HDT" in it.

Great, thanks.


As I understand it, I can select presets or make a custom body shape in Bodyslide, will I need to get Bodyslide or HDT or TBBP versions of all my armours, or if I use a preset, will I be able to just leave it at that?


Sorry, but I haven't got a clue with stuff like this. I had to follow a step by step tutorial for anything requiring actual work beyond clicking "Download with Manager" :(

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