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Slow saving


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I begin to have a really slow saving


Is it to many saves in my save folder? its quick-save as travel-save  cell-change etc


I deleted  a lot of old saves but the problem  seems to be there still


Is there a backup save-folder  i got to look at? NMM have a backup where can i find this?



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How slow exactly? I'm running on an SSD, and any saving is more like a microstutter for 10ms or something like that.

I suggest turning off all Auto- and Quicksaves in Skyrim settings, then install Autosave Manager and see if that works better.
Generally all the quick/autosaves in Skyrim and Fallout are a potential source of savegame corruption and instability, so using that mod is highly recommended anyway.

BTW i always save manually with the console:

save "descriptive save game name"

So something like "temp1/2/3" or "Alduin Dead" which i recognize later. Quotation marks are only necessary when there are spaces or special characters in the name.

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Wow there is a big difference Before:9.493kb ESS  Now:76.561kb ESS +5.841kb SKSE


Huge difference especially with the SKSE ......?


I had a lot crashes a while ago on save i dont have that anymore so i turned on autosave again and it have worked perfect up to now.

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Yeah, there are lot of Slavetats data in the .skse file. Update it to 1.1.X and pick a non-bloated save. There is a way to cure the .skse, but PDT-wrapper (Save scalp) fails to remove recursive traces from the main save file.

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Thank you very much for your help


@B3lisario im using your stockings the most  it saves a slot


I chose another save and the bloat was gone+


I upgraded my slavetats to 1.1....but is it a problem with slavetats in general Will it build up again? ? Should i stop using it?


Thank you

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