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dragon ball xenoverse: hackers vs non hackers

King of tentacle

to hack or not to hack  

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  1. 1. do you support hacking or not?

    • yes i do
    • no i dont
    • i dont care either way
    • no wrong way to eat a reeses (just play how you want and have fun)

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Hello as you may or may not be aware there has been talk of players using hacks on xenoverse although most opinions on the matter are in black and white with people on one side or the other. so out of my own boredom really I wanted to see what the mod users and mod makers think about it :P

I myself don't see a problem either way realy just because it honestly is very fitting in keeping with the show. i mean there realy was never any fair play at all in dbz. fights being basically a seesaw shifting one way or another some characters training all their lives while others are just born at the top and some even using shortcuts to their power (also very true to life) . so yes i want to here your thoughts on the subject. :mellow:

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SP stuff, I don't care. It doesn't affect anyone else.


Anything that be carried to online MP play is absurd, and people who ruin everyone else's game should be banned.


Anything that won't affect someone else's chance of winning is fine. Stat boosts and permanent buffs and such are just plain cheating, at the other player's expense.


Same thing happened to Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed. Dude would be "dragged" to 1st place every lap. It makes everyone turn their game off, and those pussies deserve no respect. In Naruto NSFB, I saw a guy in first with like 46,000 points. He fought 3 fights, and lost 2 of them...thus earning him 46,000 points?


As EvasiaDutch said, some games just disappear altogether because hackers ruin the experience for everyone, all because someone wanted their name at the top of Rankings, which will only earn them disdain from all, since we all know that punk cheated anyway. It's a great way to make enemies.


If hacking affects someone's SP game, more power to them. If it means I'm gonna get my ass beat online with no chance of victory, and no revenge without sinking to his level and cheating, then it's very offensive, and dude needs to get the f*** offline, and let us earn our victories, like grown folks, through practice and skill.


Coincidentally, those are the people who talk the most shit when someone doesn't wanna play against them, calling them pussies for not accepting the "challenge" (and losing).


There should be another option in the poll, saying "It's fine, as long it does not give online players an unfair advantage". That's where my checkmark would go.

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If you're going to use hacks, at least keep it for offline/single player mode.

You ruin the experience for everyone else when you bring your lvl 80 100 stat character online.


That, and you risk getting a VAC ban from Steam, much like Dark Souls.

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