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Mods won't load? O_O, overflow??


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So I just installed Skyrim once again. It surprisingly stable this time around, played for 2 hours without it crashing. I was at 250 mod and no problems until I downloaded a new follower, since what the heck, limit is at 254. After I install it, I try to run my save file, and the game say I'm "MISSING" content ??. Logged in, but all my mods (plus my hairs and eye) are gone and time seem to be moving super fast. This usually happen when I go over my 254 limit, but a new game always fixes this. But when I do a new game, none of my plugin works. I have Quick Start (Skip intro) mod that allow me to skip all the way to the end of the cave, didn't show up in game. Usually, when you start a new game you till see on the top left hand side mods that are being install. Mods like sexlab, frostfall, ect (MCM register), but none of the mod get installed ingame. I ESC and look at MCM and nothing is in there when there's suppose to be like 20 things in there. So I quit and take out the follower plugin and start again, same thing. Uninstall it with NNM, same thing.

I run SKSE, LOOT, Tes5, and FNIS (all admid) everytime I changes or deletes mod. No problem get detected in Tes5 or LOOT.

Anyone have any idea what is going on? I have run into many problem with moding Skyrim, but this one is on a whole new level. I try reinstalling cache from Steam, double checking Lancher "DATA" and see that all the mod I want are indeed checked. Resintalled SKSE, resintall MCM, SKYUI, and even try to run BOSS again to see if LOOT was the problem.

It seem like after I installed a mod, it overflowed and none of my mods get register (Even though they all show up as running in NNM, LOOT and Tes5). This is actually 71GB Skyrim that I stored on my USB that I save before I reformated. I can check and uncheck any mods that already in the folder and it'll run fine, but if I add another mod, this happen. Restalled from the USB and tested it with another mod, and it overflow again. Anyone have a clue what is going on?


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