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So this will allow you to play with rieklings with humanoid animations. Immersive yourself as a riekling and walk in the shoes of them to see whats its truly like as a little goblin, experience the world or skyrim or solstheim in the eyes of a riekling...


Become the dragonborn, archmage, listener, harbinger or even be the leaders of the thieves guild but as a riekling.

Watch everyone be in totally confusing to why a little goblin is walking around town and socialization with people, never mind them. Dont give up riekling!




1 - Dragonborn


2 - RaceCompatibility




1 - Add the ability to call for help with riekling similar to the riekling rescue when you become chief but at will.


2 - Some other things.. Tell me ideas please.




1 - Have the ability to summon your own personal boar fitted for your size along with a real one near the Thirsk Mead Hall. His name is Gloomiski and due to him being a summon he will follow you everywhere and even zone in and out areas you are in. He stays with you until he dies or the 24 hours run out.


2 - Shoot spears out your hands.


3 - Shout wind like energy all over your weapons and magically help you attack faster, also comes with one that affects your allies.


4 - Craftable riekling armor and riekling spears also with riekling claws that has unique sounds attach to them.


5 - You wear armor and things like that but no headgear. Theres a strongbox that contains all the items that have been done in the back of the chief throne - EDIT Headgear is now Functional.


6 - Changeable skin color and hair color.


7 - Change into a riekling with default animations, but it doesnt really work the way i want it to so not fully usable yet - EDIT Rings works but may be still bugged.




1 - If you started a new game or haven't been in solstheim yet the riekling voice will be silent until you first set foot there for some reason, this might not even be a bug but its minor.




1 - Customizable Camera by Arindel http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37347/?

Change that horrible 3rd person camera for short characters so its closer to them.


2 - Spears By Soolie by Soolie http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62609/?

Immerse yourself with these spear animations.


3 - SBS - Throwable Arrows by Abbalovesyou http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62885/?

Why just have throwable spears when you can have throwable arrows? Requires Spears by soolie to work.




Bestheda - For the awesome game that is skyrim with all its modding tools

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    Dragonborn, RaceCompatibility
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Well they kinda react but saying random things at than inputs your race. Like insults "You call yourself a nord?!" well at less in oblivion it was like that, skyrim still has it but ehhh. 


If they dont say it roleplay it~~~~~~~~

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[REQ}OK very happy about this.if i had a tail it would be wagging!OK here is what i would like to request.

1.Armor visuals.So when you put on something like Dwarven Armor you wear it.Basically Armor sets.Default ones.It would be pretty hilarious to see a Riekling wearing ZeroFrost armor though.

2.The females are purple according to what i read in TestT.So if someone can get on that.That would be great.I mean body meshes for females.They should look different.

3.Animations for getting into chairs and tall places would be great.As well as mounting animations and a compatibility with immersive horses.

4.Cloth clothing.Lets face it.It is perfectlly possible for a Riekling to be a caster.It would just be tricky to make the animation of them casting magic.

5.Dodging.If you can find a way to add a Leap dodge.So they Leap to the left an roll on the ground to their feet.That would look So cool!I think that would be considerd Tumble.

6.Bed an sleeping animation.But i think i know someone working on sleeping animation where you get under the covers so it would possibly be Frostfall compatibility.Because Rieklings have their own tents.Pretty sure that is it.Thank you for doing making that mod!


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Theres no female rieklings thats been made in skyrim so i have no idea what they would look like.


These other things would require a new type of animation which i have no idea how to do.


You could probably replace the tents in frostfall with the riekling ones buttttt i not sure if they would work correctly 

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Sorry i've been away for a while.But i see.Well i found out that the purple ones are females.They look just like the males.Which is horrifying.The animation thing.Yeah i know someone doing animations.I could talk to her but she is pretty busy.So that`s OK.An Riekling homes.Yeah I am sure someone can do that.If you cant someone can.Don't worry about that.

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All the female animations i this game look really awful to me, and having the purple riekling as the female counter part wont do any good for obvious reasons.


1 - different animations, will loook really awful on the riekling


2 - The head is based on the male khajiit so the female khajiit head would be too small and will clip with headgear


3 - ape vanilla animations for standing walking running is fine with males


4 - weight slider plz


5 - welp 

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Yeah.But i know if we will see some new Elder scrolls they will have to attend to this an theFemale Giants issues.Someone`s already modded Female Giants.An World of Warcraft fixed their female Oger models so someone will mod it.Just got to find someone who knows their stuff an replaces the model.Because Yeah.The females are creepy.An i guess look like males?Or do the males look like females.?????

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awesome, some radiant quests across skyrim will be great, to steal certain objects from cities, bandits, vampires and forsworns, taproots, special items from jarls to amuse their primitive gods, will be so awesome, or even better, hunt a dragonborn that is atacking the rieklings XD

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