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  1. no i got my own house have a wife and 3 kids not trying to bitch i was trying to ask if he would be willing to make sexslave version 6.2 work for flower girls frame work i understand if he does not want to change love slaves but would he be willing to do that?
  2. dude i tolled you before i was willing to pay for any changes i wanted made if that's not contribute i don't know what is when i try to have a one on one talk with you i get tolled to post my issue here so i did and i was talking about it being like version 6.2 was did you forget i use to help you game test your mod way back along time ago and version 6.2 was aswesome it work for both genders 7.1 and up don't
  3. look its simple if he is not willing to fix his mod so that the auto sex works for both genders like it did in sex slaves mod then i am not willing to use this mod i am old set in my ways and real picky about what mods i use if a mod don't do what i want then i don't use it as far as i know no one has ever did a auto sex mod for flower girls frame work there are lots of dialog sex mods out there for flower girls frame work but no auto sex mods witch is what this mod has seem to turn into just a another dialog sex mod that you got to ask for sex witch i hate by the way lol glad you all like it i hope you in joy it if i knew how to mod and scripted i would fix this myself but i don't not bitching just saying how i fill all the best to you all and have fun
  4. how about this he can take his mod and shove it i will never use it like i said he ruined it for me he made it clear that he don't care what ppl think so hey that fine its his mod but i don't got to use it then
  5. then this mod has just become useless to me why do all mod you make have to be about women and them being victims i only use this mod for the auto sex feature take that away and this mod becomes pointless lots of other mods that add sex dialog i am so tired of ppl makeing mods to shame the dragonborn it should not matter if you play a male or female this mod should work for both and victim should be gone should just be normal sex i will never play a female pc i am not gay i am a male so i play male
  6. this mod does not work if your play a male pc like i do the rape master thing does not work i would like this fixed or a male version that works who cares about Andew i wanted girls to fuck also that quest you got in there about andew fucking your wife is insane i have to kill him each time before i get married so i would like that quest taking out plz
  7. hey cliftonjd you know how to scrip mods right and code?

    can u help me with a mod the sexslave se mod i want to edit it to my likeing but dont know how i tryed so many times

    and failed cuz i dont know how to right scrip and code any way i want to make this sexslave mod rape spell work only when i am horny the owner of the mod said i would need to change one line in his code to make this work

    but he will not tell me what to change i am willing to pay anyone that has the know how to get this done

    that way i can have more then one slave with me and not get double fucked if you know what i mean lol

    about rdy to post this on face book to get some smart dude to come to my house and get this done

  8. can someone make a command that works with slen relationship increase so that i can learn the slen shout faster?
  9. anyway to turn Alicia player rape off i like the follower but not the rape part?
  10. lol it takes a long time for npc's to train teach other's so what i do is set the time scale to 100 then when training done i set it back to 20
  11. thanks what would i need to change in the SexSlavesFramework.psc. to make that work? like i mean what line would i need to find in sexslaveframework.psc and what would i need to type in to it i am no coder i would need to copy and pase what u type in here
  12. not sure were to post this but hey just wondering if there would be away to edit your scrip to make it so when the male player gets honry the sexslave work only on player arousel cuz i like to have more the one sexslave with me then i get doubble fucked and i dont like it set that way can u plz tell me what i need to do to change that?
  13. tried it but not working only get the massage no food effect
  14. can someone plz make a food effect macro i tired to myself and failed i don't understand how it works i need it to work like the old sexlab utility did
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