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Mod manager is killing me


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What mods do you have installed and activated?

What is your load order and have you run LOOT (or BOSS)

Have you installed SKSE?

If you do have SKSE, are you launching Skyrim using the SKSE option from MO?

Have you tried to launch Skyrim from MO without any mods activated?


Are you using a custom skeleton such as XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended or any custom animations?

If so, do you have FNIS installed and have run the GenerateFNISforUsers?


I'm a little confused when you say i install mcm, can you please clarify because you don't install MCM, unless you're talking about SkyUI. MCM (mod configuration menu) is typically a component of a given mod that allows you to manage it from within Skyrim.


The more information you can provide would help us help you. 


While there is learning curve in how to effectively use MO, it will and does make managing modding Skyrim so much easier than NMM.

So in that regard, here are some links regarding MO that you may find helpful


[Tutorial] Mod Organizer - Installation of SKSE v1
LL Unoffical MO thread
LL Unoffical MO thread
Mod Organizer: S.T.E.P Project Wiki
(Definitely worth it to read through guide since it covers a good deal of the basics on using MO)
Mod Organizer S.T.E.P Thread
Gopher's videos on using MO
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